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by James Corbett
November 12, 2016

The voting machines have decided who will be the next puppet figurehead of the Pax Americana deep state for the next four years. The circus is over and the peanut shells are being swept out of the stands. So what do we have to show for all of it?

Well, I have some good news, some bad news, and some not-so-good news for you. Let's start with the bad news.

Apparently some people voted for Trump in the belief that he was some sort of anti-establishment truth-telling hero of the working class. I hate to be the one to disabuse you of this notion, so let's just look at his transition team, his campaign team, the people who have already been tapped to be part of the new administration and the people who are being contacted for potential cabinet appointments. Warning: It's not a pretty picture.


So who's leading this transition team that's helping to sort out the cabinet and move Team Trump into the White House? Oh, just the usual assortment of bankster-connected corporate lobbyists we would expect to be hanging around any president-elect. This time is no exception. From former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Eric Ueland to Koch Industries lobbyist Michael Catanzaro to Aetna / Verizon lobbyist William Palatucci, the gaggle of corporate cronies manning Trump for America Inc. (the actual nonprofit group set up to oversee the transition) are as establishment as they come. And the whole kit-and-kaboodle is being run by Chris Christie. Yes, that Chris Christie.

And who are they reaching out to for potential positions in the Trump White House?

Steven Mnuchin - The chief fundraiser for the Trump campaign was not featured in a lot of alt-right cheerleading for the Trump train, and for good reason: He is a 17-year Goldman Sachs veteran who went on to work for Soros Fund Management. Yes, that Soros. Oh, and he donated to Hillary Clinton. But other than that, I'm sure he's a great fundraiser. Which is why he is apparently a frontrunner to be Secretary of the Treasury in the Trump White House. That's right folks, yet another Goldman Sachs vampire squid alumni is within a hair's breadth of taking over the Treasury, just like Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin before him. But don't worry, because another person in consideration for the Treasury Secretary position is...

Jamie Dimon - I'm going to assume you know who Jamie Dimon is, but just to make sure everyone is aware, let me spell it out in black and white: Jamie Dimon is chairman, president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase, the monstrous banking offspring of JP Morgan & Co. and the Rockefellers' own Chase Manhattan. Other than Lloyd "God's work" Blankfein, it would be hard to find a more bankster-y bankster in the world of banksterism. To list Dimon's entire rap sheet would be an editorial unto itself, but let's just remind ourselves of his role in the 2008 bailout fiasco via my Federal Reserve documentary, Century of Enslavement:

A stunning 2011 Government Accountability Office report examined $16 trillion of bailout facilities extended by the Fed in the wake of the crisis and exposed numerous examples of blatant conflicts of interest. Jeffrey Immelt, chief executive of General Electric served as a director on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the same time the Fed provided $16 billion in financing to General Electric. JP Morgan Chase chief executive, Jamie Dimon, meanwhile, was also a member of the board of the New York Fed during the period that saw $391 billion in Fed emergency lending directed to his own bank. In all, Federal Reserve board members were tied to $4 trillion in loans to their own banks. These funds were not simply used to keep these banks afloat, but actually to return these Fed-connected banks to a period of record profits in the same period that the average worker saw their real wages actually decrease and the economy on main street slow to a standstill.

If there's any ray of hope here, it's that (as I discussed with James Evan Pilato on a recent edition of New World Next Week), Dimon recently said he wouldn't want to become Treasury Secretary due to "Democrat-Republican bullshit." As Pearse Redmond points out, the Trump team may be floating Dimon's name right now to make it seem not so bad when they "only" appoint Goldman/Soros insider Mnuchin to the position,

John Bolton - John Bolton is a career Republican insider who served roles in both Bush White Houses, including most recently as UN Ambassador in 2005-2006. He's also the worst kind of crazed, bloodthirsty neocon who has literally never heard of a foreign invasion he didn't lust after. Don't take my word for it, listen to him explain Trump's foreign policy imperatives...for as many seconds as you can stomach it. And yes, he's commenting on Trump's foreign policy because he has been advising the Trump campaign and has been name-dropped for months as a possible Secretary of State in the Trump cabinet. So are all of those who voted Trump over Hillary because they didn't like her warmongering suitably upset now? Well if not there's always his picks for Secretary of Defense, like:

Stephen Hadley - Hadley is the man who, acting as Bush Jr.'s Deputy National Security Advisor, served as the conduit for the ridiculously fake yellowcake uranium forgeries that were used to help drum up the war in Iraq. He was also the guy who kept the bogus yellowcake story in Bush's October 2002 speech in Cincinnati laying out the case for the illegal bloody war of aggression in Iraq. A share of the million dead Iraqi's blood is on his hands. And he's in the running to be Trump's Secretary of Defense.

Reince Priebus - Nothing says "anti-establishment party outsider" like the current chairman of the Republican National Committee, right? Well, guess what: Reince Priebus is under consideration for Trump's chief of staff. You know, the highest ranking employee of the White House? Priebus is apparently competing against the likes of Stephen Bannon (Trump campaign C.E.O. and former head of Breitbart News) and Jared Kushner's (The Donald's own son-in-law who the Times of Israel takes great pains to point out is an Orthodox Jew, as is Ivanka Trump). Regardless of who gets the spot, the very fact that Priebus is in the running shows that Trump's feud with the Republican Party was about as real as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania.

Rudy Giuliani - Rudy Giuliani is an unconvicted 9/11 criminal who illegally cleared the 9/11 crime scene, and who failed to pass on the prior warning that he received about the towers' destruction. He is also hated by the New York Fire Department for having kicked the firemen off the pile as soon as the gold was discovered. As Associate Attorney General in 1981 he was involved in the PROMIS software octopus. He oversaw New York's unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policing policy. He is a ghoul in every sense. So naturally the only question is which spot will he fill in the Trump cabinet: Attorney General, DHS chief, cybersecurity czar, or something else entirely?

Getting nauseated yet? You should be, but if not there are many many many more contemptible establishment insiders who are being vetted for potential cabinet positions at this very moment. But don't worry, this is why I saved the good news for last.

But first, the not-so-bad news: None of these positions have been filled yet. We don't know who is going to actually make it into the Trump cabinet at this point. Who knows, maybe it will be a bunch of swell, upstanding Beltway outsiders, non-banksters and populists who are committed to the principles of human freedom. Trump and Change 2016!

OK, alright. That's wishful thinking. But here's the really good news:


That's right, the electorate favored nobody at all by an almost 2-to-1 margin over either fake, controlled political puppet. Turnout was down from previous elections. Things are looking good.

For those who stayed home out of principle: I salute you.

For those who stayed home out of apathy: can I interest you in some reading?

For those who voted for Clinton: why are you on this website?

And for those who voted for Trump: will you commit to standing by the principles you thought you were voting for when you cast your ballot, or will you rally around the party flag as a new crew of neocons and banksters and establishment insiders step into their pre-ordained roles? And if so, will you re-examine what your vote actually did, or will you simply say "I'll show them! I'll vote them out next time!" Because if it's the latter, then you haven't learned anything at all.


Well written article. Hopefully his electorate will learn from what has happened and will happen in the next few years with Trump in the oval office.

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Hell of a summary! May I have permission to read it perhaps (time permitting) on my next podcast?

There is one single thing that makes me feel that trump will be a good president, and that is the fact, is that he breaks protocol, says whats on his mind, and doesn't believe in teleprompters and official speeches.

That sounds scarey and dangerous, but it is something we haven't seen over the last 20 years. So if the world is in dire straits because of the last 20 years, I'm ready for whatever might happen next. Something had to change.

@intelliguy I am sorry to say to you that it is very documented what a massive Zionist hypocrite Trump is and that is why I believe he will end up just like Obama who was just Bush = no change
(for the better anyway)

This is exactly the same as 8 years ago when Obama first won office, so many were fooled and I feel this is no different. Trump controlled opposition to sell us an illusion of choice and a nice bonus for the establishment to the divide the public

It doesn't bring me joy breaking hope, telling/showing people what a massive hypocrite psychopath Trump is and it feels a lot like telling children that Santa doesn't exist

Great report as always Corbett Report

Two Video responses by me to Trump's "Win": This is for the Anarcho-Capitalist that didn't vote for Trump or Hillary.


"For those who voted for Clinton: why are you on this website?"
What does this even mean?

Mr. Trump's mouth is really crazy

Did he actually have good alternative choices of who to appoint?

If the people that stayed home all voted for a third party... Not to mention all the hugely important props LOL salute the non voters my ASS!

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PorkinsPolicy Pearse Redmond tweeted @ 10 Nov 2016 - 17:07 UTC

Wonder if the Jaime Dimon Treasury story was put out by Trump to make former Goldman Sachs Steven Mnuchin more palatable

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you james - i live on the other side of the world away from all this madness but - as you and everyone else knows the US politics is adopted by most other nations - sadly

i have had an Obie one konobi moment - I felt a massive distrubance in the field - a vauge but deep uneasiness continues to grow

so many people think that getting clinton out was a good thing and bringing back the party that gave us 9/11 was a good thing - its all insane

i am disapointed in WikiLeaks and feel that they got played or have sold out to the neocons in whose hands they gave this election - whose coup was this the 1% - not ours - nothing about any of this will bring freedom to the people of the world and i guess the best thing to come out of this is that this fact - this reality - may just smash through the illusion known as politics/voting

America was never ready for a Women President and this showed it - while i am no fan of Clinton - her warmongering ways and her lies and deceit - she is no worse than any other president before her yet the attack was brutal and consistant and she is being named the personifcaiton of evil - as if no one else ever was like Bush Snr and Jnr - Since Eve bit the apple, women have always taken the most brutal of assualts​​ and in this case it was easy to see

the ones that didn't vote are the real heroes - why because they resisted all temptation to stay in the game to play the illusion of choice known as voting - they stepped out of the cultural meme that says voting will change anything - they woke up to the reality that there is no choice - its ​​​all one game - a game of thrones -I congratulate them - the percentage of people who didn't vote is the bigger story here as this percentage point drops it reveals a lack of support from the people - and over here its ​the Magana Carter that still exists that gives the people the ultimate power over kings and queens - these days presidents or Prime ministers - this is sadly forgotten by most - and the 1%ers will shortly move to get rid of that document

thank you James - you have at least given me a reason for why i feel so disturbed and have a lingering ​​apprehension

unity1 - Please don't buy into the bogus idea that Hilary was rejected because she was woman. To say Hilary was no more corrupt than any President before her is practically the same as saying she was no more corrupt than any mobster or third world dictator before her and that is precisely why many people didn't vote for her. Given her long career in politics Hilary has had plenty of time to dirty her hands and people know this about her; whereas Trump, while also certainly a corrupt slime-ball, has the luxury of being perceived as a political outsider. Though many of his opponents thought his lack of political experience would be a weakness it was actually a strength at least in the minds of those who voted for him. Hillary supporters often write-off people's opposition to her as misogyny and yet these same people attribute no such anti-woman sexism to themselves when they viciously oppose and mock conservative female politicians like Sarah Palin, Theresa May or a Maggie Thatcher. This isn't to say that Palin, May or Thatcher aren't entirely worthy of opposition or mockery (indeed they are) but merely that cries of sexism, racism, etc have long served as convenient and selectively employed tools for silencing contrary political opinions. The left specifically have overspent this particular capital so much as to render it virtually impotent when employed on a vast portion of the masses and this was one of the primary factors that allowed for a Trump victory. Because of his crudity and unapologetic nature he was perceived as a super-being immune to the long employed techniques of politically correct thought control. In this sense he was a monster of the left's own making.

While the attack on Clinton from the alt-media was indeed brutal and consistent, the much larger well-funded establishment media (Fox news excluded) served as her constant and utterly shameless cheerleaders. While it is true the mainstream media did much to cover up or enable the crimes of Bush 1 and 2, they were far more savage (with the latter especially) than they ever were with Hillary Clinton. Additionally most of the alt-media as well as the so-called alt-right openly wear their utter distain for the Bush dynasty on their collective sleeve.

While you're probably right that Trump will change almost nothing, perhaps we can hope that the mainline media sanctioned, left leaning, conspiracy theorists are right and he is in the pocket of Putin, in which case it may at least mean that he will abandon the current strategy to destabilize Syria. Of course, given the above listed neocons in his corner that is probably a false hope.

How many Horseman were there again?

...Those of you in the #msm and #AltMedia - meaning everybody including Corbett - who for 18 months failed to expose the simple #BaitAndSwitch scam that was #Trump Drumpf's "strongest issue" and main appeal, what are you even doing... anywhere?

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I think there's a significant number of people who voted for Trump because he wasn't Hillary. After that, I hope he can do some good and I certainly won't support "resistance". If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!

Trump is doing a badass job!!

It all comes down to individual action vs. waiting for someone else to make your life better. Trump will be as successful as we are active in promoting and creating a world based on voluntary exchange. Things like Steemit and Bitcoin are making the world better, and the only way politicians can help is to get out of the way.

Why would you encourage people to not vote?! That's pretty much like saying that you approve of a governmental system where people CAN'T. Use it or lose it. People who go through the process of voting are taking time out to scrutinize the system and the people making decisions on their behalf. It is an invaluable process that raises consciousness. There is corruption and there has always been corruption and there will always BE corruption, but the scale of corruption that we now see I believe correlates directly to non-voting and general non-participation in the public sphere. Voting is a sort of bare minumum form of engagement in the administration of the system under which we all live. Needless to say, we should all be more engaged than we are. But to my mind, if someone isn't even voting, they are basically endorsing a governing system where others dictate the framework of their lives. To my mind it is no different than begging for an Overlord to tell them what to do and how to do it, so that they can then complain about how their lives would go better if only this Overlord wasn't so self-centered. It's a justification for personal failure. If you are not putting the pedal to the metal, I couldn't give a fk how 'woke' or f*ing 'enlightened' you are. I know plenty of spiritualists and academics who 'know everything' but in a real world situation, wouldn't know the first thing about how to apply it. The world is a messy place; it's not going to get better just because you stay on your high horse and ignore it.

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