QUARTRAINIUM 90: Cherish your food, obey your CAT!

in trump •  9 months ago

Armies of wandering vagabonds, with empty stomachs and wide-eyes, will visit themselves upon the 5 great cities - fires, storms, famine, disease, violence ... available for all. The twisted warlords of the NORTH sharpen their blades, as Rondis stands guard before Old London Town.

Champion of the people, the Orangutan King moves 2 armies to attack Tunis. He guards the WESTERN GATE to the golden crescent and makes allies with the sand-ghosts of Babylon. Old feuds reveal themselves, as the nuns of Carthage swear an oath to the black pope.

Seven wedded sisters take shelter in the mosque of Khartoum - an emperor awaits, as sweet breads are prepared and dogs lick their chops.

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