Harry Putter public murals on Sin Chew Daily Malacca EditionsteemCreated with Sketch.

in truestory •  11 months ago

Last week I had a phone interview with Sinchew Malacca (Chinese newspaper). The local journalist told me that the guerilla art I did in Malacca have been receiving attention (tourists) from all walks, she said that the mural is art with no discrimination nor barriers because it put a smile on everyone’s face for the last 3 months. The locals were happy about it too, they told the journalist where to find me. And here is the crazy coincidence - the owner of the shop house was very pleased to wake up one morning to find Harry Putter flying on his broom on their external façade - they happen to be broom manufacturers. Who knew!!

Here is the online version of the newspaper article in Chinese!!6C04A643-E355-4478-89DE-B4D6AFA12D05.jpeg

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