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is that about her?

WTF this is a true story? It looks like a perfect joke. Did that happen to you?


Yea. Becky is a gold digger ☹️


Lol, I never met someone like that because there is no gold where I come from.

Better off without Becky! :(


Yea. My wife probably wouldn't like her around.


Just release the hounds next time she's in the yard... I guess I need to take my own advice...

No freaking wayyy LOL

Seems Becky needed 3.5 years to figure this stuff out lol!

I wish I found someone that passionate about BTC in or before May 2014, then I wouldnt have waited this long to get in...

The important thing is that you still have a BFF who loves you... her name is Steem.


And her hot sister, SBD...


Sorry, her hot sister SBD is MINE!


I'm so lucky!

Little did she know!!

Oh...these simple ass Beckys. Hahaha!

Well with Vice porn now being on the Steem blockchain, you'll probably do alright lol

Haha poor thing must be turning green with envy!


ahhh its very painfull now when brian see the btc value now and steem @mynameisbrian...r u agree on steem now as compare to btc hope u got many profit from steem with ur work brian from 2014

This is brutal, haha.

This is In.credible. hahahah XD

Hahaha 😂😂 becky please come in into steemit too!!

I like very much steemit. Recently I posted an infographic explaining the reward system for auhors and curators.

Haha is this real?? Sorry i shouldn't be laughing @mynameisbrian but seens some sort of joke. Gold digger detected. You should not have link with this type of people. You will get someone better than her dont worry.

Lol - that is crazy! I'm betting bitcoin in 2014 when you were reading about it wasn't as popular as now. ;) Good investment! I saw you commented on another expat post and said you're an expat. I am as well. We live in Panama and are from Texas.


Oops, I commented on my son's account. :)

this is amazing! p.s. I love STEEM POND!!!!!

This is hilarious!!! Becky sounds like my x. Shoutout Brian

Why can't I resteem this? This is such a great post..

Wasn't meant to be :)