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Hi friends,

I find myself wanting a new truck these days. I have been driving my current truck for many years and it now has almost 200,000 miles on it. Still runs good and looks good, but a new truck would be nice.


My problem is that I am not driving enough to justify the purchase. I have cut back on my miles due to the pandemic and am planning to do more work from home in the future, so it seems a little silly.

Oh well, guess I will just hold tight for now.

Thanks for coming by,


Amigo:Te deseo que pronto tengas el auto que quieres!

They say that if it aint broke, don't fix it. so if you don't see the need to purchase a new ride, maintain the old one.

Good point… the old truck is running well.

I think a new truck would be nice 👍👍👍

Exactly! 😎

Thank you to share with us.have a great day.

Needing to work harder to be able to purchase them. I am doing the same.

What if I had the money? Just trying to justify it!

If you really need it badly, then you can. I might do the same as well. ☺️

Yes, it is good to weigh before deciding on an issue and see the pros and cons. Greetings.

Good thought on the pros and cons!

You are doing well to think about whether or not you need to buy the truck. I hope you make the best decision. Greetings

That's right, friend, before making decisions you have to think things through, and thus make the most ideal decision.


What kind of truck is that? Looks very cool...

Lol, a hot wheel truck! 🤷‍♂️

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