Can the TROOPS Themselves Even "Support the Troops" After Watching THIS?!?

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Would you think me to be crazy if I had a bumper sticker on my car and a flag outside my home that read "Support Serial Killers?" Give this video to every military vet you know.

Videos like this are VERY difficult to produce. They weigh my soul down with MUCH grief. It's hard NOT to think about the men and women (pawns) as they suffer on the battle fields of disgusting, blood-thirsty tyrants. Family member who lost dear loved ones - kids who grow up without their father or mother; wives who will NEVER see their husbands; parents continually jabbed with the pain of loss for a son or daughter and the countless lives we ruin abroad as we barge into someone else's country and start shooting up their towns and villages as we steal resources and set up puppet regimes. It is all SO damn horrific!

Special thanks to @larkenrose for the script.

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My father was military. He paid for 4 years of college for me so I would NOT join the military. He felt pretty strongly about it. Thank you Dad!

Nice that your dad did that for you..

I made a video awhile back titled "Obedience To Authority-Why It's So Dangerous!" I thought I posted on Dtube, but didn't. So I just posted it on Dtube and will share the link below. The indoctrination of people in America to the military industrial complex, and the police state is astounding.

However, understanding that cognitive dissonance is hard to overcome, I understand why they blindly follow. Especially if you've never ventured outside the "Truman Show" other than if you were following orders to potentially go kill some people while wearing a uniform. More videos like yours needs to drive the point home that the troops are NOT fighting for freedom, nor democracy. War is a racket, and always will be. The leaders aren't the problem, it's the followers!

Obedience to Authority.png

As a former member of the military, I must say that I agree with most of the consequences you mention.

Having said this, there is another dimension to this. For many people in the US, their only hope of getting good job training, college education (via the GI bill), and generally a way out of the “hood” is to believe the pack of lies about “service to the country “ that the recruiters sell. A way to stop a large number from joining would be for people to provide alternatives. I specify people because any alternative provided by government would probably also be bad for them.

Yes, The job training is what many of my friends were interested in the "peacetime" of the 1980s. It was the trap they fell into. It has not done them any harm from that period. Not for anyone I know personally. Absolutely needs to be done by people. Government is bad at everything they touch. It could destroy a sunny day and no doubt that our tax dollars are being used to create the eternal gloom they wish upon the subjects.

The troops are very helpful and troops are fighting to enimies to save us

Wish I could add to this with something meaningful, but the sad fact is you pretty much said it all.

Families overseas loose family and get angry, family at home become angry at the loss of their loved ones. Those that take their own lives are caught in the middle of what is expected, and the horror of what that means. The wheel turns. No-one wins but the arms dealers and the Government machine.

I have often thought and was somewhat convinced that the suicide of veterans were indeed because of what they have done. It is not for me to decide how this came to be. The "fog" of war creates a climate where everything can be justified as it must. It is a horror I will never understand. I'm quite sure it's a "have to be there" thing to come even close to imagine how the mindset works. I have a veteran living at my house and he is a complete mess. No logical thought, no open discussions...It must be a horrid life to live. I did at one time pity him but now he has made it his job to try to make me miserable. He wishes to spread his distress. I'm not buying it. He needs help no one can provide.

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As a former soldier I'll agree that it is horrible and barbaric... There is give and take with the entire system but ultimately it always ends fatally. Thank you for sharing. Hope others are as empathetic as you

Thank you for your honesty in sharing. Your experience taught you the truth and you chose to share it. Would that so many others would see the truth, without having to go through the experience ... if they even live to learn. There can be no wars if there are no soldiers to fight them. You can bet your you-know-what that those who send others to fight in their unconscionable wars are not going to do the fighting, themselves.

Great job. Thanks for telling the truth.

The US is constantly creating enemies pocking other people and killing people overseas they shouldn't be pocking.

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great vedio....
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wars bring you nowhere

That good time

it's pretty much the same as saying global warming is a hoax. but the problem with this is that people chose to believe in notions like this, or just don't kmow any better. which, in 2018 is not something you can afford to do. the picture i'd say is pretty clear from anywhere else apart from inside the US, and that's why it really is meaninful coming from you (i'm gessing you are from the US?). the bottom line is, people will believe what they've been told to, unless they have the urge to go after things and question everything - but very few people do that, and even amogst those few there lie the ones who'll eventually tell you these lies.

wow thank you @ highimpactflix , your post is inspiring

As much weight as this post has, there are some things that aren't accounted for. The statistics on the suicide rates were interesting, and definitely gave me a new perspective on things... but due to the turmoil we have caused in some of those countries, it is our responsibility to clean up the mess. That being said, going in and destroying things in the way that we do are not a step in the right direction. We need to be more responsible with our resources and the lives of the individuals in our military, but to say the entire military is a blind leading the blind for the purpose of perpetuating a war machine, I just don't believe are true. We have military forces that are tasked with defending the nation and assisting the masses foreign and domestic when it comes to natural disasters and other crises.

Thank you for posting this though, as it was a very informative piece that stands to at the very least get people discussing the controversial points of this topic. !


So, would you rather speak German or Japanese?

Dude war sucks. War sucks even more when it is in your own backyard.

Rather fight it out someplace else than here.

Absolutely disrespectful calling our servicemen and women "monsters".

The only thing I heard in that video was a cowardly narrator.

Good job
Support the Troops
Soldier the best

I’m a VET . WELL SAID ❗️Its all BULLSHIT designed to make you feel bad if you oppose unconstitutional warfare . I support my troops in the way that I pray for their safe return , but I don’t support them being sent there and used as mercenaries for big globalist corporations trying expand their grip on humanity . People supporting our troops should be demanding they return from these unfounded wars . That would be the American way . Great video , needed to be said . 👏👍✌🏼♥️👊🏻

Wow! It's always hard to know how to react to people who make trite remarks like "If you won't stand behind (support) the troops, feel free to stand in front of them!" But what you say is TRUTH. And everything my husband says every November 11. I'll be sharing this on Keep up the great reporting! ✔️