Tronlink Referral Program - Get 300 Points for Free

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Yesterday Uniswap users got a bonanza money worth $1,500 almost free money 💰

Now Justin Sun is also planning for TronLink don’t know how much . But they are giving away credit points as of today

So please go ahead use the link:

You would get 300 and I would also get 300

Q & A on Tronlink Credit Points


Just follow the Steps below👇

Receive 300 POINTS on TronLink Wallet

Step 1- Download TronLink Pro on CH Play or App Store.

Step 2- Create an account

Step 3- After creating an account, click "Me" at bottom right

Step 4- Select "Invite a Friend"

Step 5- Select "Claim Rewards" and input invitation code "51Dx". You will receive 300

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