Tron base USDT Staking Platform is now online

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Hello every one an Staking Platform is now live! As we know USDT is a stable coin where the price will always be 1:1 Dolar ratio, not like BTC, Ether and other cryptocurrency are volatile price change every now and then.

In USDT staking platform the price is stable and it will not fluctuate it will stay stable and that's what makes this staking platform unique from other staking platform Stake USDT PlatformThe best wallet to us in staking platform is the tronlink extension wallet.

Screenshot (21).png

Step by Step in staking USDT

  1. Install Tronlink Wallet in your browsers extension
  2. You need to have Tron in your wallet and you can convert your Tron to USDT you can do it in
  3. After you done all the things you need go in U2X site here U2X Staking Platform
  4. Click Auction to enter auction lobby
  5. Click Enter Auction Lobby or Enter , pop up box will appear
  6. Then enter the amount of USDT you want to stake and click Enter The Auction
  7. Your Tron wallet will pop up , Click Approve
    You can see now your Entry in the Auction , just wait for the time to reset
  8. After the time is reset, A COLLECT button will appear, just click collect
  9. Click Stake in the up left on the site
  10. You will see now you U2X balance , In Enter the amount in the box then the Total Day you want to stake it

That's It you are now Staking, You will Earn U2X token and USDT and you can collect it on the day that you put in.