I'm Back!

in #tron4 years ago (edited)

So, how y'all been? Yeah, it's been a while... When things went south after the last HF and the price of Steem crashed, I cut my losses, pulled out, and decided that I probably wouldn't be coming back. However, with the news breaking that #TRON had purchased Steem, I felt a renewed sense of purpose for coming back. I bought my Steem back that I had withdrawn, plus more considering I had converted it to BTC while I was gone! So now I am back, Steem has a new (and hopefully better) owner, and it is now time to see what this platform can really become!

Let's Make Steem Great Again, and #TRON can help us do it! :D


I have also been a bit lax on my presence here. I thought I would check in tonight to see what the sentiment is amongst other members. Yours is the first on the subject. I’m glad to see some optimism.

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Heh, I can't guarantee all of the reaction will be positive in nature. It seems more than a few are salty about it one way or another. However, I thoroughly think it is a good thing for Steem and for Tron as well! And yes, it feels good to be back on Steem. :)

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