Tron successfully launched the main network

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After several months of preparation, the Tron project team announced the successful launch of its core network. Updating the network is a significant step in the development of the Tron blockade, as well as another move in the fight against the blockade Ethereum.

"Today I am informing with confidence that the development of the main Odyssey 2.0 network has been completely completed," said Justin Sun, founder of Tron. "Starting today, members of the community can download and run from the Github page the official software of the main Odyssey 2.0 network"
Thus, TRX leaves the Ethereum block, and its tokens will no longer work with the ERC20 standard. The main Tron network will be supported by the 27th "Super Representatives", which have not yet been selected. They will form the basis of the new network and will be elected by vote by the owners of TRX. The model used in Tron differs from that used in Ethereum, where anyone can run a node. Currently there are more than 15 thousand nodes in the Ethereum network.

The Tron team states that its model will significantly increase the speed of transactions. Earlier it was promised that the speed of transactions would be "hundreds of times" faster than that of Ethereum.

In order to speed up the implementation of Tron's blockbuster, developers are offered a reward of $ 100,000 for creating DApp on their blockbuster. In addition, Tron has released its virtual machine, which will allow developers to run projects for Ethereum over the Tron network. The project also updated its road map.

It also became known that one of the largest exchanges of the world Huobi Pro will support the upgrade of Tron and help in the exchange of tokens of the standard ERC20 to the tokens of the updated Tron network. Investors who had Tron tokens on the Huobi Pro exchange will receive their equivalent after the launch of the main network.

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