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Woke up at 7 am despite setting my internal alarm for 4 am, but it was pretty awesome to pop into MSP waves and hear dear @aggroed host a plethora of voices totally buzz over the news about Tron. I haven't seen that channel be so popping since the last hard fork - We THRIVE off this stuff! I felt all warm and honey inside seeing all the people I've come to adore joke, advise and converse and these new changes. My gut says it's gonna be a golden road ahead.


One thing we do know is that we NEED change, so we have to move with what is coming. Stagnancy is our worst enemy. Sure, we might feel those butterflies of trepidation but that's the Steem rollercoaster for you. This is GOOD news for all of us.

This is a hugely overused phrase for all of us but we keep saying it because it is true, as if we have tattooed it all on our hearts or something. The community is sooo strong here. My advice? Keep steeming good content - more than ever, the world's eyes are on us with this news so complaining, downvote dramas and shit posts (yeah subjective I know) don't serve us. Carry on being freaking awesome. Keep engaging and interacting. Keep moving with the awesomeness of this blockchain.

So many of us have been around for such a long time and it's understandable to feel super worried but I cant see why a hugely successful rich businessman would buy this place just to crash and burn it. Most people I speak to and listen to are feeling positively cautious, as we should all be - this is crypto as you know. We need competition, drama, news, buzz, change, development for things to move.. hopefully up.

We are awesomely new on the social media world and we have all put solid groundwork into this place, I think that really matters. Keep doing that - being part of the foundation of this place - I don't think any huge changes will be made immediately as that wouldn't make good business sense. He is going to WANT it to be successful, as he is invested in it, so that should bode well for all of us, even if we need to be a bit flexible about what we think our future might be.


The funniest thing is that my husband even googled Justin Sun this morning - and he ignores EVERYTHING Steem. His thoughts? Hmmm, honey, maybe you should buy more Steem....

I certainly am not powering down. Funnily enough, I was going to take a month off whilst in India all April but I think I'll be checking in to keep my finger on the pulse and my heart beating along with Steem.

You are MY community - love you all to bits. Xx

@naturalmedicine II Discord Invite II #naturalmedicine


Should be an interesting period ahead hey!

Think the dust will settle by the end of the week and we'll know more in 1-3 months time. Either way, it'll be exciting!

I think so, yeah. I'm more on the excited and interested side really than the fear side, but that's likely because I know nothing about the tech side of things. Kinda frustrating I'll be offline for the next couple days whilst camping, when really I feel like I shoudl be doing all my homework and figuring it all out. Ah well, when the dust settles it'll be the same made crypto social space as usual I'm sure, or the whole thing will collapse and we'll regroup somewhere else for the love. xxx

Haha yea there's enough going on in this head to try and understand the technical stuff as well! I'm sure there'll be some further developments but you can enjoy the offline life for now!

BTW, when you get a chance, please forward the entry fee for this month's top 3 contest to @yourtop3 - it's been a pretty confusing one with some payouts happening a little in STEEM and a little SBD so if you get stuck let us know. Looks like yours was one of lucky ones that got the 3 way split... eesh haha

So it's 0.937 SBD + 5.643 STEEM to send and we'll do the rest from there!

Happy camping!


hey dear, I gonna miss U :)

This week is really big news with Tron and there is something different with the prize, but no one really know about the future of steem. :)

Aw, thanks lovely! I am sure I will break my promise not to steem and be here anyway. How can I survive without you all? I'm sure we will all just be fine. Things like this make us worried but we won't lose our precious community.

I so agree with & share your sentiments. 😊 Especially loved "we may have to be a little bit flexible in what our future looks like"!

Have a wonderful few days break. 😍

It's pretty cool seeing how many people came out and the difference in views.

Blaze it and stack! 100% hodl!

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