TRON despite opposing arguments is still bullish in my opinion

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A lot of people dislike TRON due to its hype and how they can't quite understand where TRON is going in their direction. They usually use one of the following arguments against TRON:

  1. No one knows what TRON is doing
  2. TRON copies codes from another blockchain IFPS and others
  3. TRON has too much supply at a billion

Let me be the first to say I don't DISAGREE at all!

However, does that mean TRON is hopeless? Let me make a case for you from the following points:

  1. Does anyone know what most blockchain projects are doing ALL the time besides the white paper which is usually published months ago? With an exception of a few active coins, most of us simply don't have any information.
  2. Just because you have a sounding white paper, does it guarantee success? Not really, because if you were to examine the top coins 5 years ago versus the ones today they are very different. What happened to those top coins previously???
  3. TRON does copy codes, but do other projects not copy any codes from Bitcoin? Truth of the matter is that EVERYONE copies codes one way or another.
  4. The argument that TRON having too much supply is sort of comical when you really put it into math. Let me give you an example below:

A supply of 1000 coins and the cost per coin is $1 each the total market cap is $1000 right? So let's say the market cap grows by 2 times, this would mean that your coin is worth $2 at a market cap of $2000. You have now earned double of how much you've invested originally.

The same scenario goes to another coin with a supply of 10000 coins and the cost per coin is $0.1. The total market cap is still at $1000 right? The market cap grows by 2 times, your coin is now worth $0.2.

If you have invested the same amount to either coin, does it change on the amount of earnings you've made? NO! So at the end, does it matter? It is all about the growth on the coin itself and not necessary the price per coin, so if the growth is 20 times in one coin versus another who grew only 2 times does it matter how much cost each coin is if you plan on investing a set amount?

This is what I'll say about TRON:

  1. They are newbs in crypto, but that doesn't mean they won't succeed
  2. They are planning to do a replica of NEO with new ICO's already signing up under their platform
  3. They are extremely active and keep investors posted at what's going on and that's extremely good for the community
  4. They copy codes, yes it is unethical without giving proper credit. However in the world of investment just because you play dirty does that mean you don't win? Not necessarily.
  5. Because it is hated at the moment, this keeps the price of the coin low so I don't see why not have a small stake with TRON in your portfolio

Let me also say something about established projects and top coins in the market:

  1. Like all start-ups, just because you have an all star team that doesn't mean that you succeed
  2. A break-up in the top management could mean the project ends at any moment. And no, unlike anything secured by government in a decentralized environment everyone's on their own. (IE: Myetherwallet)
  3. Google copied in a lot of ways what Yahoo was doing, but who won in the end? Not Yahoo.
  4. If you have a bunch of techies without proper business people in the team, these coins will always remain inside a niche market. To circulate your idea or concept to the general public you need good marketing people and to be honest I wonder how many of these coins embrace people that aren't in the technological field.

Of course, all investments have risks and we should all be aware of it before going in. However, to win big in the game of crypto it is usually the person who thinks differently versus people who goes with the flow at whoever preaches or shills a new coin. Do you want to be a top dog? Gotta think like a whale and with proper research while doing away emotions will get you the W at the end.

Your Fellow Crypto-Knight,

- mastaz -

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i'm bullish on tron and im HODLING