Tron (TRX) Price is Rising...

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On Binance, couple of days ago (2018-03-23) the lowest Price of Tron was 402.

High: 442
Low: 402

But today (2018-03-28) the lowest Price of Tron is 529!

High: 577
Low: 529


Why Tron (TRX) Price is increasing?

  1. Tron Test Net: In the end of this month (30st or 31st), tron is going to launch the "Tron Test Net".

  2. Tron (TRX) Founder, Justin Sun said that he supports Malta’s Prime Minister (Joseph Muscat) to build a blockchain island in Malta.

  3. Justin Sun is also said that Tron Foundation is considering to invest and operate in Malta along with their strategic partner, Binance (Cryptocurrency Exchange).

So, many crypto traders & investers hoping that Tron (TRX) price is going to skyrocket soon...

Is it time to invest on tron?

What do you think?

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