$LDA Token Distribution

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$LDA Token Minting & Distribution

In order to Mint $LDA you must Interact with the “JUNGLE” Contract. (JUNGLE IS PEGGED 1:1 to TRX).

There will be a Entry Fee of 50% and Exit fee of 10%. Which will be immediately allocated to the Dividend pool & is Distributed every Second amongst (JUNGLE holders).

2% of the Total Pool is Released everyday for the Life of the Contact to participants.

The ways to Mine Lion Digital Alliance Token is to interact with the JUNGLE contract via Entering, Compounding & Exiting.

The Total amount of TRX a user Enters, Exits, & Compounds will determine how many $LDA Tokens you Mine.

The Mining difficulty starts at (0.5) TRX before Raising every 1.5 Million $LDA tokens minted

You Must Have at least 100 (JUNGLE) in order to claim Referral Rewards.

Max Supply : 100 Million


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