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This Project is 100% Community Driven!
Which means the Future of this Ecosystem relies on the Heart of Native Utilities & The Lion Digital Alliance.

Without the Lion Community none of these Opportunities would be possible .
We’re looking to attract an organic community to build a Future the People Need and Want. Where building a One stop shop for all Lion Needs, whether you’re a Fresh Newbie or A Crypto Seasoned Vet.
Together with Similar goals of Fulfillment we can Innovate and add much needed Features to this New age of Technologies such as Finance 2.0 & Web3/4 Infrastructures.

We believe Building a Collectively Connected Network affect will bring Tons of Value to the entire Ecosystem which cannot be valued in on a Fiat currency scale.
We are building a Global Movement on top of Tron’s existing protocol. We’re looking to Unite all project as we build our Community Movements, collective Development, & Market One of the best Blockchains in the Space #TRON

Together weren’t Stronger than ever!
LionX & Lion Digital Alliance Token will be 100% Community Funded Projects.
The Core Team has not received any Grants for Marketing or Developing this Movement. They’re no Venture Capitals involved in this Project whatsoever. Any Liquidity provided will be Strictly from Community. Help us Build a Decentralized Future, Today !

Join the Movement at

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