TRX: How to create and restore a tron paper wallet.

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The safest way to store your coins is to create a paper wallet. Hardware wallet (ledger & trezor) are safe but are expensive (if you can afford it, hardware wallet are a very good/secure way to store your coins).

A paper wallet is FREE and consist of writing down your private key on a paper and store it somewhere safe.

TRX paper wallet generator:

In this tutorial I use (you can download it). If you have technical knowledge you can also run tronscan on an offline computer (download it from the official github repo).

CREATE: Create a (TRX) tron paper wallet.


When you generate a new wallet you will get the public address and your private key.

Public Address: This is the address where you can send your coins.
Private Key: This is your private key and YOU NEED IT to access your funds! WRITE IT DOWN on a paper and store it safely.

You now have a paper wallet where you can store your coins! For security reasons, you should have several copies of your private key and store them at different locations.

RESTORE: Restore from your private key.

To restore from the private key I am using the TronWatch desktop wallet. You can download it from github.

TronWatch Desktop Wallet:

You need to download & start TronWatch Desktop Wallet.

On the main screen click on "IMPORT KEY".


Type your private key and click import! You can now spend your tron tokens!

Have fun!


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