Tron bankroll flow Investment Day 1 report :

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Good day my fellow investers,

Today im so excited to report on my new adventure on the Tron Network.

Its called Bankroll

Screenshot_20210119-132218_TronLink Pro.jpg

And its been running for the past two years if I'm correct. It gives 1% daily interest on there bankerx coin with a lock up period of 365 days.


Even if the price goes down i will still be in profit.
If you roll it will be added to your pool and will be earning 1% interest.... how awesome is that.


As seen below my payout increased :)

Let's use this numbers in an compounding calculator and see after i roll 365 days what will it be at.

Screenshot_20210119-190609_Samsung Internet.jpg
So let's get down to the figures

After 365 days i will have 2,568.10 BNKRX token at current value of 1 BNKRX to 13 TRX that will be 33 385,3 TRX at current price


A whopping $1 051.12 from just $26.26 investment.

You will have to have a buddy to join so use this code
To join in the revelation.....

I will see you on the flip side :)

Investing for the future


Awesome buddy Let me join

There's nothing funny about that gain lets try it