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I have just listened to the Ned Scott & Justin Sun AMA about the recent announcement of Ned selling his stake in Steemit to Justin (Tron). If by any chance anyone missed the announcements; they are well catalogued here by our Steem news man @pennsif here.

I watched recording of the AMA on YouTube here

Whilst it wasn’t quite the AMA I was expecting and I’m sure some technical steemians will feel short-changed by the lack of technical information. If you think of this as two chairmen talking generally about the topic it gave me a fair amount of comfort that there will be no dramatic change and a general positive tone was set on the sense of direction.

Perhaps some of the panic I saw in the steemian posts over the last 24 hours will dissipate!


  1. No plans to use the very large stake Justin/Tron controls for voting on content or witness voting. And plans to keep the governance structure as it is.
  2. Justin is encouraged by the steemian community and traffic we have on the blockchain and this has been a big part of the motive behind the investment. Justin will seek community insight and thoughts on future developments.
  3. They are releasing a new product within the next week which has been beta tested. I’m thinking this is an investment in the user interface - with new “product features”. Let’s see, it sounds interesting – I’m sure we will hear more on this very soon.
  4. There is a plan to invest development capital into human resources and marketing and to ultimately add more value to the whole blockchain
  5. Justin is well aligned with the idea of growing the value of the Steem Token
  6. Justin plans to invest in marketing to attract new users through initiatives including partner and distribution channels
  7. No plans for a token swap at the minute. it is very much status quo message.
  8. SMTs is still on the roadmap for release, especially as much work has been done to date.
  9. Justin encouraged Tron users to open up Steem accounts and test out the blockchain.
  10. Justin referred to some of the Tron projects and how Steemians can access them at 44:45secs into the video

Also Justin may attend SteemFest5.

I hope he has a strong c-suite of executives that can help bring growth and high professional standards of leadership.

Never a boring day on the Steem Blockchain!


I have been watching this from the periphery as it sorts itself out and we enjoy family weekend.

Perfect summary with insight and it saved me the time to get through video.

Thanks for boiling it down man. Would be nice to see some executive swagger on a large stakeholder of this awesome blockchain.

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Executive swagger would be great - for now I'm buoyed by the promise of resources to power development and marketing. I think you can chill and enjoy the weekend!

Good summary.

Re #3 - I am assuming this will be the Communities in a new version of

That sounds like a very good assumption - and it would make perfect sense. They might also have made that a bit clearer on the AMA!

The AMA wasn't the most informative livestream I've watched...

Perhaps the situation lends itself to a @pennsif interview?

I've sort of hung up my mic for a while...

I can understand that. I imagine a few people would love to do the interview.

I am sure there will be quite a few coming down the line.

Thanks for making this summary.

I hope Steem will be better whatever the way to reach it

Yes I am with you - and I do hope this is the positive step that it looks like from my perspective. Shame the bear market deprived Steemit Inc of resources to power change 18 months ago really.

Great post and thanks for sharing those points with the rest of us.
He is a businessman having just paid a lot of money so he will want his investment to pay off - for sure. How quickly and in what way, I guess we will have to see soon.
One thing is for sure, the fact that he knows about the community's voice so I hope it gets heard and considered.
Thanks again my friend :)

Thanks for the comment Katerina - you are spot on - he really will want this to work if he has invested in the potential and in the community. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful local views you have today and that the weather is good.

Awesome summary thank you for this.. Very accurate to what was discussed!