Time to Buy Ripple Tron Neo? - Should You Buy XRP TRX NEO? - CryptoCurrency News

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Is it time to buy Ripple XRP Tron TRX and NEO? We go over the cryptocurrency news!

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Heard an interesting bit of information in regards to XRP today.

Apparently, one of the largest service companies in Japan, SBI Holdings will be lauching their own cryptocurrency exchange called SBI Virtual Currencies. They stated they will be using XRP exclusively, as it's only digital asset on their platform. This is significant because a subsidiary of the company known as SBI Securities, controls over 4 million brokerage accounts, all of which will have immediate access to the exchange.

If this proves to be more efficient in terms of transaction speed, I can definitely see other exchanges (i.e coinbase, gdax, binance) to begin using XRP as a digital asset as well. After all the volatility and processing times that comes with a Bitcoin or an Etherium have definitely caused some traders to miss out on some of the prices they target on altcoins. XRPs transaction speed alone greatly could reduce those instances.

What do you guys think? If nothing else, it's a glimmer of sunshine on the horizon for us long term XRP Hodlers.


It's a good thing. Few cryptos have gotten actually get tested in a real commercial setting, and it's a good test for XRP.

XRP will win or lose based on whether banks, currency exchanges, and international business use it. If they see value in holding XRP, this thing will be huge. Potential a $2 trillion per day fiat moving around the world plus an untold amount held as "store of value." If they don't see value in XRP, Ripple network may still become the international "go-to" but XRP will be useless. Banks will either create their own blockchain solution or use another token, then interface with Ripple network to transact.

If you're interested in a good video explaining the difference between XRP and Ripple, check out the Yahoo! Finance coverage: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ripple-xrp-everything-need-know-164535965.html

I'm HODL'ing XRP and TRX. Just waiting for the upswing.


I am as well. I bought in at $0.72 per coin. I had 500 coins, but I lost about 75 in hard lessons in trying to day trade it lol. I was 1 step forward 2 steps back.

Guys if you are holding TRX HODL. Don't be the weak hand and see this time as a sale. If you bought it when it was higher like myself because if FOMO just be strong and hold on. Seeing your money going down is a bit scary but TRX will rise again. By the end of Qt. 1 it should be back up to 20 cents due to the coin burn, partnerships, and all the new exchanges it's been added to. Don't worry my friends.


You'd be crazy to sell your TRX at these low prices. People that sell when times are tough help make people that manipulate the market more money.


Only strong hands and new money will bring TRX back sooner than later. Still so much consolidation each time there are some decent gains.


Im sure that in the years to come the weak hands will be kicking themselves!

The next few months will be interesting for sure with Tron. With all the things coming about from the game, partnerships, main net launch, and coin burn. If the coin does not see significant growth based on those alone then we might be in trouble lol.


I agree, I am hoping to see at least a .20 trx by April 1st!!! #HODL GANG


I will be doing the happy dance if it does that :)


im with you there


It has to move upwards after all thats been announced happening in the coming months. I agree though if it doesnt then someting is up, still in early days however.

Wishing I could hop on the NEO train, but the little bit of funds that I had to get started in crypto a couple weeks is locked up in this season of red, couldn't move now if I had to. Looking forward to the upswing.

To be honest I like the idea of NEO mostly because of the same reasons I like ETH but currently I'm unable to make a solid position in it. No matter how much I know Ripple is going to go up I can't justify making an investment on it I guess it's mostly because I don't believe enough in the project... Really hope Tron does well they have a great vision hopefully they can put it to work.

Still great video keep up the great work.


NEO should have some amazing companies reaching out to them to move their dApps over, which NEO can easily accommodate. Their staking options for GAS is also awesome. Wallet or Kucoin(daily) or Binance (monthly).


NEO's ambition of a smart economy and the steps they are laying out to reach that goal are very solid. I can see it going very far in comparison with other cryptos and its resilience in a down market has been a strong indicator the market sentiment towards NEO. I too hope Tron gains gets some upward movement to get it off of the ground.

While I am holding out hope for XRP, I am saddened it keeps dropping back down. I pain stakingly had to wait to get approved in exchanges while I watched it grow from $0.22 a coin to $0.72 a coin. I really would like to see this achieve $5-6 a coin one day.

Honestly, everything is down. While we focus on XRP and TRX being low, everything is suffering in unison. We will see all of it recover at the same time when the market recovers as a whole.

You missed the call, everything is going down! Buy when bitcoin reaches its low, im predicting around 8000$

I've been day trading NEO today, with a lot of success! Tron, on the other hand.... not sure if this coin will ever turn around.

I bought more of all of those three picks, I even bought some more Neblio since it's down to $16. But my money's on Neo to blow the roof of this sucker.

I love how he says he hopes that he does not "wake up dead" lol

I need to pick up some neo. And since prices are low some more ripple and tron as well.

Good video. Get better!

The Useless Ethereum token is awesome. A little scary too. Hard to believe with a "middle finger" icon and "please don't buy me" slogan that it would pump like that. :-)


Same! Love their staking GAS dividend and the long term chances of $1k+ by EOY. Asia's Ethereum. Trinity is pretty awesome.

Since were dealing with a digital currency, how is not everyone going mad for Tron but Neo is another killer name not surprised its doing well.

XRP and TRX Hodl !!!

Great video! Hope you feel better soon!

What if we take Justin Sun with a Witch Doctor? Maybe all he needs is a good cleanse. TRON to the moon!

Total agree about people who need to stop just throwing their money onto a random coin and hoping it will rocket. I know of people who have done this only to lose all their money and then start talking badly about the crypto markets.

Finally taking a stake in NEO!

I believe its the best time to buy

Thanks, just the currencies I was thinking about.

I am currently investigating NEO. After all they are a lot of comparison with Ethereum. Smart contracts are certainly getting a lot of utility.

Very informational, keep up the good work!

currenlty holding onto Tron and Ripple! If the projects can deliver everyone invested should see huge returns!!

Another awesome video....I’m new to this crypto scene and I’m finding these videos highly helpful.. you cut through the bullshit and tell how it is and I especially appreciate the transparency and honesty that you show in your videos.Keep them coming.

When in doubt, get some NEO!
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