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BetTronLive, a new online gaming platform that integrates live dealer casino games with new DApp gaming trends around the world is leveraging blockchain technology on top of the TRON network.

Through blockchain technology's security, speed and transparency, we have built a robust protocol for trustworthy and decentralized casino gaming ecosystem which links participants in real time.

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  • The TRON network is a decentralised protocol — one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world.
  • It provides a scalable platform for a global entertainment system.
  • Other decentralised applications (DApps) can be built to leverage the same resources.
  • TRON network blockchain is primarily focused on entertainment and gaming products which is steadily moving
    towards mass adoption of blockchain technology.
  • It is well-suited for decentralised gaming platforms .
  • It is safe and cheap.
  • It is fair and transparent.
  • It has a high-performance network.
  • TRON promotes a fair and transparent mechanism for DApp development and deployment.
  • It currently has the largest number of new Dapps, most transactions and most active users.

Check out Justin Sun's Twitter post:

According to 2019 H1 Dapp Market Report — by @DappReview, #TRON has the largest amount of new DApps(414). It is 53 more than #ETH(361). Also, TRON has the most active users(710.7K), about 190K more than #EOS(520.9K). #TRX $TRX
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The current estimate of the market for online casinos, digital entertainment, sports betting platforms and similar ventures is close to $1 trillion. And decentralised applications are increasingly gaining a share of this market. Clearly, TRON has the biggest share of the pie.

A huge benefit to applications published and run on the TRON network is that all users have an equal opportunity to earn money from the success of their projects. Content on the platform remains decentralised, giving equal access and opportunities for participation to everyone.

All BetTronLive games will be governed by TRON network’s principles of providing a source of safe and predictable income to token holders.

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So excited for the launch and looking forward to earn more....

This is really a good platform for us

Definitely an amazing platform. Excited for the launch

For sure this will be a trending DApps soon. Great and excited for the launching.

Soo excited to try Gambling for the first time. Great ideas!

Soo excited to
Try Gambling for the first
Time. Great ideas!

                 - neihy05

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

nice online will be addicted

TRON Network is really a good choice!

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I hope duterte will not ban online casino

This is absolutely gonna be fun and rewarding! I'm on it now!

Looking forward to this promising project and earn more.

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The team did an excellent job by choosing the tron blockchain- scalable, transparent, secure and cost efficient.

Looking forward for this platform.

nice move on having @bettronlive on tronbased , its transparency and security will surely bring more users on the platform

Tron is truly an intriguing blockchain. While it has its fair share of drama and failures which I think are just growing pains for such a young blockchain it has become a major player in the dApps space. Kudos to bettronlive for choosing Tron.

Tron network is basicaly safe and cheap and with high performance.

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Nice project , its such a good choice to be under Tron blockchain network.

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