Just got 15 Free TRX based BitTorrent tokens from tokengoodies.com

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Just got 15 Free BitTorrent Tokens (On the TRX platform) from https://www.tokengoodies.com/

if you have tron I guess this site lets you sell your Block producer Votes since you can do that sort of thing over in tron unlike EOS (or I guess they call it something else in tron land and theres 7 instead of 20 I believe)

I was surprised to see a good old fashioned cryptocurrency faucet, and now I am looking to SEED some Torrent files to earn some more BTT BitTorrent files (I USed my Binance BitTorrent/Tron (TRX) Wallet deposit address and I hope it works. I already have a couple BTT airdropped from having 100 TRX or so, and am now on my way to buying at least a few thousand TRX, and I feel I should get at least 10,000 TRX as it is so cheap, just 1 penny each.

UPDATE Just minutes later I checked my Binance wallet and BINGO 15 BitTorrent tokens arrived in my BINANCE wallet!

So Tron really is a fast DPOS chain and so this website seems legit like any steem or EOS based service, and not only did it send the free tokens fast but it worked with my Binance exchange wallet so i didnt have to set up a special tron wallet, very nice

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@ackza Hey Zack, any chance you cN explain how you did this or show more pics of doing this... I am kinda confused on how to sell Tron votes 🤷🏽‍♂️ thanks bud!!!

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I didnt sell any tron votes, you just enter your tron address and they give you 15 tron, the selling of your tron vote is something you afterwords on that site and i didnt do that yet

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How's tron? Never used it.