Heads up! Ladies and germs, the purse for our Troll coin give away has been upped!

in trollcoin •  2 months ago

Yes, you read that right!
Our winner from the first contest has his troll coins!

All hail, @valued-customer!

Now the purse is 1000 Troll coins!

What is that worth?
Hell if i know.
They ain't trading, yet.

What do you got to do to win this enormous sum of something made from nothing?
You got to decide for you!

Memes, wry written pieces, vlogs, I dont care!
Just entertain me!

How long do you got?
I will tell you when I get around to deciding.
Until then, proliferation of your creativeness is what i advise!

Mention this post in your post, or comment here, it's up to you.

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You're gonna need to make a logo for TrollCoin...


Good idea!


@tufkat is the one to talk to about that.

I would like to thank the Academy, mom, and apple pie.. and you guys.

Still don't know what the criteria were, but happy to make the cut =)



Did you check your steem-engine.com wallet?


No, I've been devouring information on Rothschild email leaks, hoping against hope for some juicy scandal to be revealed.

I haven't made a SE wallet, so never thought to check one. I'll have to take a look now.



It's easy just sign in.
When the exchange goes live is when the fun begins.

I up-voted you even though I have no idea what the fuck a 'Troll Coin' is...??? Not even sure I want any of them unless they help get me out of the Country.

Where am I planning to go??? Haven't found it yet, but I'll know once I get there :~/



Currently they are nothing, but soon they may become something.
You can look in your steem-engine.com wallet to see.
When the exchange goes live, they will float.


So...I WON...??? :~)


You sound surprised.
The 1000 troll giveaway is on going, but you are certainly a winner.
At some point I will close this contest and distribute participation trophies.

Now, you got to ask yourself what effort you are willing to put into winning something that has no value, just yet.
Feel free to be like OJ and take multiple stabs at it.

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