WATCH: This is what Hong Kong protesters are WARNING

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At a peaceful lunchtime protest in a Hong Kong mall, locals issued a clear immigration warning to the West.

Hong Kong currently issues 150 permanent resident visas to Chinese mainlanders per day.

WATCH & SHARE the protester's warning.

Are you with the people of Hong Kong?


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I think mainland Chinese moving to Hong Kong is a different problem to what we in the west are having. Hong Kong is Chinese. I get this is being done in order to increase the acceptance of government domination, but it's not the same as a totally alien culture swamping us here.

- Sandy Robertson

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I don't know if there was meant to be a vid here. I had to watch that on the TR news website.
Thanks for posting it, Australian people need to wake up & see what's going on around them.

There are limits to how Steempress works with our site so we need to add videos manually, the video is now embedded in Steem. Glad to have readers on Steem, thanks for clicking through this time.

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