Rehabilitating Terrorists Leads To Terror-Related Recidivism

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With more than five hundred terrorists set free in the UK since 9/11, should the British public be concerned? Rehabilitating Terrorists Leads To Terror-Related Recidivism.

Rehabilitation Or Recidivism?

Usman Khan, a well-known supporter of al-Qaeda and Anwar al-Awlaki, was recently released early from prison; ultimately his early release led to the deaths of two innocent people who were there to help "rehabilitate" him into British society. Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt worked for and with the "Learning Together" initiative, Jack was a co-ordinator and Saskia was a volunteer. The Learning Together initiative is a programme run by Cambridge University. It is a prison-based education scheme that brings students from outside and within the prison system to learn alongside each other.

You can read more about that HERE.

The "Learning Together" initiative is well-meaning, prisoner education plays a significant part in the rehabilitation of inmates which helps when it comes to releasing them back into the general population. Indefinite institutionalisation is never a good thing, nor should it be, unless perhaps there are extenuating circumstances. The exception to that rule can only be for the safety and wellbeing of the general population. If releasing a prisoner could endanger life, then isn't it better to play safe than be sorry?

The case of Usman Khan should send a fatal shot across the politically correct bows of the liberal establishment; they MUST redress the balance between rehabilitation and recidivism.

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Sabr - Terror Will Come

The Quranic law of requital tells Muslims to toil and struggle persistently, to be patient and steadfast in their religion and their beliefs. The Quranic law of requital is unchangeable. "Tyrants and oppressors" must know there will be consequences for their actions, whether it be now or sometime even in the distant future, the patience (Sabr - صبر), the struggle, the steadfastness of the Muslims will persevere over all eventually.
Sabr - صبر
Sabr - صبر

Usman Khan was imprisoned at Belmarsh for his terror-related offences, he wrote a letter asking to be placed on a "deradicalisation course" so he could "properly learn Islam and it's teachings" and "prove" he no longer held to extreme views. The "deradicalisation course" was approved by the Home Office.

Usman Khan's Letter
Usman Khan's Letter

As it turned out, Usman Khan's "patience" bore the fruits of terror and death.

Contrition Or Compulsion To Lie?

Roger Shanahan of the Lowey Institute produced an interesting paper that examined whether or not jihadi's are genuinely repentant for their actions and their beliefs.

He said:

"...Australian courts have been unimpressed by the level of contrition shown by those convicted of terrorist offences and are generally pessimistic about their prospects for rehabilitation. Indeed, less than 10 per cent of offenders in the data set have been found to be truly contrite for their crimes, and around 29 per cent have been judged to have good prospects for rehabilitation. This illustrates the problems that correctional services and government face in attempting to de-radicalise incarcerated jihadis who see little wrong with their actions and who show meagre prospects of rehabilitation."
You can read more about Roger Shanahan's report HERE and HERE.

Given the statistics quoted by Roger Shanahan, is "monitoring" released Islamic terrorists enough? Are prison sentences long enough? Should Islamic terrorists have an option for early release? Should jihadists be released at all?

After Usman Khan's terror rampage in London, Nazam Hussain, his accomplice in the 2012 bomb plot was arrested on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts after a search of his home address. This only happened after a "review" of terrorists free "on licence" in the UK. The review was conducted in light of the terror attack carried out by Usman, who murdered two innocent people, two people who were there to help "rehabilitate" him.

Read more about Nazam Hussain HERE.

War Is Deceit

Perhaps our current government and its predecessors have it all wrong. Terrorism can be controlled (potentially) through dialogue and even political participation, but that is only if a political solution is reachable. Politics in the main do not motivate an Islamic jihadist terrorist; he is motivated, inspired and "guided" by the doctrines of his faith - ISLAM, and by the ordinations of his prophet Muhammad.
Sahih Bukhari - "War Is Deceit"
Sahih Bukhari - "War Is Deceit"

Jack Merritt's family urged politicians not to enforce "draconian" sentences in the wake of the fatal terror incident on London bridge.

They said:

"We know Jack would not want this terrible, isolated incident to be used as a pretext by the government for introducing even more draconian sentences on prisoners, or for detaining people in prison for longer than necessary."
We understand that Jack's family are in a state of shock; they are grieving the loss of a young man who set to do what he could to help others turn their lives around. Still, perhaps they have failed to understand the "ideological/religious" drive of jihadists as have successive UK governments. Politics, kind words, breaking stigmas and the desire for inclusivity are just forms of weakness that jihadists exploit in their murderous aims.

Refusing to acknowledge the religious/ideological components of 7th century Islam is tantamount to suicide - its as if murder is not enough? Mourn the death of loved ones but do not put the lives of other innocents at risk because of your own ideological shackles.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this time, however we need an open and honest discussion about the root cause of this issue, no amount of kind words, inclusivity or love will rectify this barbaric 7th-century ideological problem. Tommy said over two years ago that simply "monitoring" jihadists in the UK is not enough, but then again, his is a goose-stepping, bigoted Nazi so why should anyone listen to him?

Read more about that HERE.


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