RAIR Foundation Interviews Lena Andreassen About Quran Burning

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The leader of Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN), took up the fight for freedom of speech. RAIR Foundation Interviews Lena Andreassen About Quran Burning.

Burning Hate In Norway

The organisation Stop Islamisation of Norway held a demonstration in the city of Kristiansand, and it made international news, bringing with it international condemnation. The offence? - burning a book of Islamic supremacy, hatred and intolerance, a book containing religious dictates opposed to human rights and freedom of speech!

Lars Thorsen, the head of Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN), set fire to a Qur’an which drew the ire of some far-left demonstrators and a mob of local Muslims. The point of the Qur’an burning was simple; it was burned as an act of protest against the ongoing assault on free speech in the West and the special treatment/protections afforded to Islam, an ideology you cannot criticise without righteous retribution.

Our good friends over at RAIR Foundation interviewed Lena Andreassen about the SIAN demonstration, which was inevitably met with hostility and violence.

SIAN aims to educate the public on Islam, fight against Sharia and protect women, gays and ex-Muslims in Norway who are under attack by Islamic supremacists.

You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

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This lady kept saying: "violence" & "I don't understand it"
that's cause of your Western mentality!
if someone burned your child's university degree exam paper, or family photo album or your mother's wedding certificate etc how would you feel!
you have no idea what the word CREED actually means! It's not just religion but your very essence, being, breathing life itself,,, of course you don't understand, if you did you would not have imported millions from a place called: CLEAN-land
no not soap CLEAN, but devoid of non M
- PiPtar

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However, whilst Muslims should be free to think and feel this, they are not free to commit acts of violence against people no matter how much their feelings are hurt. If being subject to sights and activities that go against a creed can't be dealt with, perhaps one should live in a land which honours that creed and upholds it's laws. And for the moment at least, that shouldn't be any western country.

t would be instructive as to the "reaction", were Avi to witness a desecration of a Torah.
I imagine that it would be hypocritical.
All "faiths" are criminal scams that rely on the feeble mental delusions of the gullible.
Avi is amongst them.
When it is HIS delusion that is attacked, all reason is turned off.
- MichaelKingsfordGray

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