Make Your Brexit Votes Count - Be Tactical!

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Britain has had to endure a political nightmare ever since the Brexit referendum with so many "remainers" in Parliament. Make Your Brexit Votes Count - Be Tactical!

UPDATE: More than a MILLION people have registered to vote in the general election most of whom are under thirty five years of age. Click on this link - #Unite2Leave and find out how to vote tactically. We need a majority BREXIT Parliament. GET BREXIT DONE!

Get Brexit Done!

Everyone who voted for Brexit expresses some form of jubilation or despair, maybe some resentment even with the current Conservative Government because of how they dealt with Brexit negotiations. Teresa May failed miserably, and once her position became untenable, she knew she had to go. Then in came Boris Johnson who managed to jeer up the Brexit masses with his positive Brexit message, he would sooner "die in a ditch" than allow the majority of remainers in Parliament scupper his negotiations with the European Union.

Since Boris Johnson took over the Prime Ministership, he soon found out just how difficult the job of getting Brexit done was going to be. As a politician, Boris had to win the confidence of the leave electorate and energise them enough to see his plans through. If Boris did not have the ability to do that he would never have become the Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Realistic Pragmatic Politics

Truth be told, no matter how much people are (understandably) disappointed with Boris Johnson and the Conservative Government, Boris had an absolute mountain to climb. Navigating the windy roads of a majority remainer Parliament was never going to be an easy task. Remaining parliamentarians set up roadblock after roadblock to obstruct, hinder and disempower what political leverage Boris had during his negotiations with the EU. Whether it be politicians or wealthy remaining millionaire activists, he got dragged through the courts, even the Supreme Court to "dither, delay" and potentially stop Brexit from happening altogether.

Boris, whether you like him or not, was effectively neutered when he went to the EU for "a deal". Some say, and rightly so, he didn't do as much as he could have done. If you consider the fact that Boris does not have a Parliamentary majority and several defective Conservative Europhiles within his party, how was he ever going to deliver Brexit at the end of October come what May? (no pun intended). This article is in no way an absolute defence of Boris or Conservative MP's, the point of this opinion piece is one of realism and pragmatism.

What A Shocker - Leave It Is!
What A Shocker - Leave It Is!

What Do We Do Now?

It is fair to say the current deal that Boris negotiated is better than remaining in the EU altogether, as much as people don't like the "deal" it's still a way out of the Pan-European bureaucratic dictatorship of Brussels. Even Nigel Farage had to confess that this "deal" is better than having to stay in Europe forever. The fact of the matter is we want OUT, and yet here we are in a Parliamentary political stalemate with only the hope of decent General Election result to get Brexit done. We know the Lib Dems will keep us in Europe, we know that Labour will do the same only in a more faffy and contrived way, only Conservatives and the Brexit Party will deliver us Brexit one way or another. It really is that black and white.

Whether you like this binary choice or not is irrelevant, what matters is getting Brexit done. If we hand Parliamentary power to Labour and/or the Lib Dems, then we will remain in the European Union. The nightmare of an unaccountable bureaucratic mafioso will continue to erode British Sovereignty and implement laws that further damage our nation-state.

Ask yourselves, is that what you want?

TR.News and Tommy Robinson are now going to state the obvious to get Brexit done, one way or the other. Two parties will push Brexit through, Conservatives and the Brexit Party, no other party will "realistically" get it done so we advise you not to waste your vote! Your vote is your choice, and we do not want to give the impression that we are "telling you" how to vote, but we must be realistic, we must be pragmatic, and if needs be, we must swallow a bitter pill to get Brexit done.

Traditional Labour voters in traditionally Labour-dominated areas will unlikely vote Conservative; therefore Brexit Party is the one to vote for in those areas. Where there is a significant chance a Conservative could take seats from remainers, we should vote that way. We are in a situation where politically, we have a binary choice; we need to make sure that Brexit is done and dusted. The strategy is simple, vote Brexit Party and vote for Conservatives where there is a realistic chance for them to win enough seats and change the political dynamic of a majority remainer Parliament.

Once there is enough "leave" MP's sat on Parliamentary benches then it's a foregone conclusion, Brexit will happen no matter what. In what form Brexit happens is still up for debate. In an ideal situation, the Conservatives will maintain most seats and gain gain a few more. Still, hopefully, the Brexit Party will win enough seats for a deciding vote on the implementation of Article 50. This political dynamic would give the Brexit Party a strong negotiating hand. They would have to play a pivotal role in how Brexit goes ahead, and we all know where they stand on that.

So get yourselves registered to vote make your voices heard, make your votes count!

Click on this website - for more details.

You have got until 11:59 pm on November the 26th to get your registration done. Once it's done, you need to think strategically and cast your vote tactically to get Brexit done. We suggest voting Conservative or Brexit Party whichever one is most likely to win a seat.

It's your vote, it's your will, it's your choice, but more importantly, it's our sovereignty at stake. Come December the 12th we need to vote with our heads, not with our hearts.



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