Irish ISIS Bride Arrested For Terrorism Offences?

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A former member of the Irish army and air corps converted to Islam and left for Syria. Irish ISIS Bride Arrested For Terrorism Offences?

A Sorry Islamic State Of Affairs

Ireland is supposedly a stronghold of Catholicism; it is also fast becoming a stronghold for "Islamic radicals" according to Irish Muslim cleric Shaykh Dr Muhammad Umar al-Qadri who said Islamic extremists number in the hundreds.

London Bridge attacker Rachid Redouane married his London-born wife, Charisse O'Leary, in Dublin back in 2012, he lived in Dublin for two years. Rachid was one of three terrorists who in June 2017 hired a van and drove across London bridge with the express intention of killing as many innocent people as he could. Once the van had served its purpose, he got out and started to stab random people at Borough Market and nearby restaurants.

Dr Muhammad Umar al-Qadri had been warning Irish authorities about the growing radical Islamic problem in the country but "nobody listened." Al-Qadri was left frustrated and confused by a very serious lack of action by the authorities. Speaking of Rachid Redouane in the wake of the London Bridge attack he said:

"Now it has been proven. The truth is that hate narratives must be called out and sidelined by the Muslim leadership. Not being aware of it or being ignorant of it is not enough. I want Muslim leaders in Ireland to take the lead in speaking out against extremism, of providing a counter-narrative to the messages of hate and of telling people you can be a good Muslim and a good Irish citizen. It is shocking that extremists in Ireland propagate their hate narratives openly on social media. They even have a public page."
Al-Qadri went on to say that extremism had been "dangerously underestimated" in Ireland, he believes that Islamic terrorists have relocated to Ireland "for travel and logistical purposes".

Read more about that HERE.

She Did Nothing Wrong!

Lisa Smith was first brought to the attention of Irish and UK media when she was interviewed by Channel 4 back in March this year. She is a former member of the Irish army and air corps; she left Ireland for ISIS-controlled Syria in 2015 after converting to Islam several years before. During the interview, Lisa claimed to be British, which was a lie; her accent was a bit of a giveaway.

Despite leaving Ireland for the very worst Islamic terror organisation the world has ever seen, she said she wanted to "come home". Lisa has been accused of training young girls to become ISIS fighters. It is an accusation she has denied although she would no doubt have had military training in the past, which would be quite useful to ISIS. We cannot confirm or deny the accusation, what we can say, without a shadow of a doubt, is that Lisa is a LIAR.

ANYONE who goes to Syria to be part of the worlds most barbaric, vicious Islamic terror organisation that has raped, murdered, enslaved and tortured tousands of people HAS to be a threat regardless of their claims not to be.

Lisa is still in custody at this moment in time; the Gardaí have another 24 hours to question her and make a decision as to whether or not she should be charged for terror offences. Surely joining ISIS should be enough?

Time will tell, let's see if the Irish security services get this one right, or perhaps they may bury their heads in the sand as they have done before.

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The usual thing will happen, Irish/uk Muslim protectionism force will make sure it’s all brushed away, ironic that we never hear from the feminist groups about any of this?
Maybe when they are all having to wear a burka then will realise to late?
- imexian

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