Have A Very Merry Un-Marxist Christmas!

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The UK general election brought about an absolute landslide victory for Boris Johnsons Conservative Party. Have A Very Merry Un-Marxist Christmas!

Radical Marxist Revolutionaries

Labour Party leadership have self-immolated; they thought the British public were going to go along with a Marxist agenda. That assumption turned out to be nothing more than sacrificial stupidity. Corbyn and McDonnell managed to turn the Labour party so far-left it ended up cannibalising its own.

Momentum - Corbyn and McDonnells adopted love child, is a serious influencer and motivating factor that drives Labours grassroots activism. Unfortunately for them, they ended up bringing in far-left rabid anti-Semites. They also managed to enlist the help of radical anti-Semitic Islamists along the way, cementing a symbiotic relationship between left-wing revolutionaries and Islamic supremacists. Momentum courted "radical Muslims" to oust Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman and take control of the Constituency Labour party (CLP).

Ian Austin - Corbyn Is Unfit To Lead Great Britain
Ian Austin - Corbyn Is Unfit To Lead Great Britain

Brexit Obstructionists

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn have never really been clear on their policy towards Brexit, one minute they "will respect the referendum result" the next minute they obstruct, delay and disempower negotiations Boris had with the EU to get Brexit done. Then they take a view of holding a second referendum after renegotiating the deal Boris made, and once the results were favourable, remain in the EU anyway. As the general election loomed Corbyn "had a neutral stance" on the Brexit issue.

Labour flip-flopped on Brexit; their message on leaving the EU was confusing, which ultimately led people to understand they were essentially a REMAIN party. A party that would not respect or carry out the will of the British people. This political flip-flopping on Brexit was another nail in Labour's coffin.

Jeremy Corbyn And Friends From Hamas
Jeremy Corbyn And Friends From Hamas

Supporting Terror

Jeremy Corbyn and his links with the IRA as well as his "friendship" with proscribed terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah made him a toxic and divisive figure.

People viewed Corbyn as another Neville Chamberlain, soft on ISIS, supporting terror organisations and individuals, unable or unwilling to defend Britains National Security interests at home or abroad. So weak and feckless was Corbyn's image; he became a national joke, a laughing stock.

Corbynista - No Pasaran

The entire world has witnessed the British public vote in what can be seen as the second referendum on Brexit, dealing a decisive yet mortal blow to the political remainiac establishment. The world witnessed a British rejection of Marxist/Communist Labourites, the world seen and heard for themselves the unholy alliance between the left and Islamists and its correlation to a significant rise in anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. The entire world has again witnessed the British public sticking their two fingers up at a political party, and it's leadership by destroying them at the ballot box.

Given the poisonous relationship between the far-left and Islamists, their political alliance has come to nought. The Muslim Council of Britain, MEND, and MPACUK all saught to consolidate their votes to help the Labour Party. Their mission was an absolute disaster, perhaps because people worked out for themselves these groups are not our friends, but part of a deep-rooted Islamist aligned problem within the UK.

MPACUK Repatriation
MPACUK Repatriation

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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The Marxist Labour party has been soundly beaten and humiliated, BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!
- Pete Smith

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