Bathing In The Salty Tears Of Libtards And Islamists

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The crushing defeat of Labour has led to an outbreak of mental illness and emotional retardation. Bathing In The Salty Tears Of Libtards And Islamists

Online Nincompoopery

TR.News is bringing you just a few examples of the emotional and mental breakdowns on social media by those who have bought into Jeremy Corbyn's Marxist revolution. We also take a look at a whining whinging Islamist who failed to put an IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah sympathiser in number 10 Downing Street.

Mehdi Hasan is often touted as a voice of Muslim moderation; he has been given many media opportunities and platforms to promote his "moderation". Mehdi currently works for Qatari owned Al-Jazeera TV, a station that regularly featured Islamist cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi.


Mehdi Hasan - Doesnt Like Kuffar!
Mehdi Hasan - Doesnt Like Kuffar!


Luxury Communism!

Ash Sarkar works for Corbynista commie cultist media outlet novaramedia. She's "Anarcho-fabulous". Walks like a supermodel. She's Muslim, f***s like a champion and wants "luxury communism now" according to her Twitter bio.

The only thing we can confirm through our sources is that Communism makes everyone equally poor, depressed, deprived, desperate and destitute. At least shes a champion of something, that may provide an extra income if she ever needs it, a socialist wage isn't much to live on after all.

Ash - Luxurious Communism
Ash - Luxurious Communism


If Carlsberg Did Tears

We tried to get in touch with Lilly Allen after her emotional reading of the Corbyn and Marx Communist manifesto. The crushing defeat of Labour must have caused too much triggering. Let's hope and pray she does not drown in her salty emotions. Stay safe Lilly!
Lilly Allen - Emotionally Overloaded!
Lilly Allen - Emotionally Overloaded!


A Penny Finally Drops!

We visited our good friend Owen Jones who for once in his perpetually triggered life actually made some sense. He now realises there is an upsurge in right-wing populism. Something Tommy Robinson has been banging on about for years, but don't worry, he will not stop fighting, cant wait to see his next UFC matchup!
Owen Jones - A Prattling Left-Wing Pontificator
Owen Jones - A Prattling Left-Wing Pontificator


What A Mess!

Reading palms, looking through crystal balls and checking out the tarots, we found this absolute gem of a prediction from an astounding political mind.
Stuchbery - Right As Always!
Stuchbery - Right As Always!


Nazi Lowles Fascistic Tendencies

Hate Not Hope's chief smear merchant Nick Lowles decided to go full-on Nazi in response to the election result by singling out those dastardly Hindus! Pot-Kettle-Black?
Nick Lowles - Hate Not Hope - Anti Hindu Nazi
Nick Lowles - Hate Not Hope - Anti Hindu Nazi


All this online triggering of these authoritarian mentally ill leftists is absolutely fantastic. Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving.

The salty tears of libtards continually flow to sustain us.


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@tommyrobinson, In my opinion Twitter became perfect space for the Emotional Expression. Stay blessed.

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