Avi Yemini confronts man in RIOT GEAR at Hong Kong protest

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While covering another "lunchtime protest" in Hong Kong, a man dressed in full riot gear arrived, dragging a portable speaker that was blasting the Chinese National Anthem.

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Posted from TR.News with SteemPress : https://www.tr.news/avi-gemini-confronts-agitator/


I think Avi is very appreciated by freedom fans and is really shining a light on the tyrannical influence of the CCP

The full embodiment of cognitive dissonance. He had to do mental flip flops to justify his position and Avi called him on his BS.

The one child policy is biting in more ways than one now, we are seeing a generation of spoiled "only children" who've benefited from the recent Chinese prosperity who think they are mini gods brainwashed by the CCP trying to push their patriotism on everyone who doesn't agree with their twisted world view.

The catch is that his generation will have to support their aging extended families on their wage and it will soon catch up to them en masse. In ten to fifteen years his generation will be caught in the biggest poverty trap the world has ever seen.

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