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RE: A Preview - The Heartbreaking Story Of Yisroel Shalom - Persecution And Prophesying Death

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Tommy Robinson really needs to decide where he stands.

He cannot produce a documentary like this while at the same time have published on his site a video by the pro-Nazi bigot Superjay and be thought of as democratically 'kosher'.

I posted about - I tried to - about Superjay but it didn't get past the Tommy Robinson censor. I'm sure this won't either.

Dionne Moller wasn't the only Holocaust denier who spoke at the Old Bailey. The following week Simon Evans (Sideways) was passed the mic as well. And I see 'TR Talk' has done an anti-Semitic livefeed with Mark Collett, going the full on pro-Nazi Shazia Hobbs route. Why don't you completely disassociate yourself from him and tell him not to use 'TR', besides sundry other patent Jew hating bigots you have following you like 'Politico'?

This vid shows that TR hasn't completely sold his soul to the far right, but while he carries on down the 'yob power' route to reverse Islamisation, he's prepping for civil war, not trying to stop civil war by reversing Islamisation democratically.
- GraemeThompson

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Thanks for your comment Graeme. I'm personally not sure what or who Superjay is and what video you're talking about. TR's team don't run any of the various talk forums on Telegram precisely because they don't offer anything like the mature enough controls for bashing down the wronguns. Whilst I'm personally for as much free speech as possible, I'm absolutely adamant that I don't have to be responsible for publishing or promoting speech I abhor. With that in mind there is a clear policy in place for comments on Tr.News so it doesn't turn into either a Corbyn Labour Facebook group or a hangout for blame the Joooos Nazi nutters either.

Tommy can and will produce documentaries about whatever the heck he wants and plenty of us (including the Jews in his close circle) will consider him to be Kosher and even more Kosher than the sell outs organising a Stop Corbyn rally in London today and banning the Israeli flag 🇮🇱 talk about cowards.

As I've said, Tommy won't be the cause of any civil war that breaks out, he might have even been a break on it. I'm not sure how to remove the growing influence of Islamic values on the lives of non Muslims in the UK, but someone should at least be talking about it. Tommy's not leading an armed uprising and has no plans to.

Addressing the ' Islamic values on the lives of non Muslims in the UK' has to begin with a proper definition of Islam - and addressing Islam has to begin with a real understanding of its prophet. Self-evident when stated (it would seem) - but always far short of the mark due to the legislative framework in which the UK now sits. Tommy is no hero when it comes to addressing Islam and Islam is in his book does not mean Islam. It means a conflation of ideas that can both be found in Muhammed's life but which no one has the will to state clearly. That would require a religious definition and a religious meaning in all terms. I have personally found Tommy to be completely confusing in his presentations and yet one can sense that his narrative will always inform a need for civil unrest. @GraemeThompson has made a good point. Addressing the islamisation of the UK will take an unfathomable course and civil war is a mere pretence when in truth it would need to be a religious war.
- Rhomphaeam

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