2 is the last number. Firing order of a V8 engine. V8 orange juice. Drop mic 😎

How embarrassing, my vote is only worth a penny for your thoughts.

lol - Why is that?
I haven't figured that part out yet

My newbie voting power, despite climbing recently, is still only worth a penny, that's the embarrassing truth I was alluding to ;-)

Your rep is 45 - that is good

Bravo ! Awarded a nickel for your thoughts :)

Thank you sir :)

@roused: I watched this video yesterday - can you tell where it is filmed?
I was just curious. Very funny!

I would guess Italy, but I'm not sure -- I wish it had kept going so we could see how it was resolved! What a hoot.

That was my initial guess as well - but then thought maybe farther east - Czech? IDK

I got my wife to look at it, but she kept laughing so she wasn't sure either. Hope we find out.

I'm losing my power! down to 0.04

;-) this is pitiful, you're still 4 times as powerful as I am!

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