You Have to Be In it For The Long-Run

in triptolemus •  4 months ago

The crypto markets have been tough for anyone who's been in since earlier this year around the end of December/Early January timeframe.

Those who got into crypto with the idea that they'd get rich quick and then get out mentality are those who are bleeding money and many of those same people have decided to cash out their losses and leave the crypto space forever.

It's sad to see, but it's an obvious factor in any market. When people make money, some are going to lose as well. Life is all about give and take and sometimes, ruthlessly so.

If you've continued to stay in the crypto markets and do your best to keep an optimistic outlook, then you're one of the strong few.

Hopefully that also means that you have cultivated a certain mindset about crypto.

A mindset that crypto is not about getting rich as fast as possible, but about the future.

Crypto and the technology (blockchain) that underpins it, has not only the potential to change the future, but to rewrite the fundamental rules of our society.

Crypto can change everything ranging from education to finance to traveling to writing to the medical industry... You name it and there's some sort of crypto possibility in it. Maybe one that's been thought of and maybe one that is unknown.

Crypto is full of opportunities. That's one of the many things that I love about the space. People are passionate and the passionate projects and platforms are the ones that shine through.

If you want to change your life and play a role in building a better future, then crypto is for you.

If you want to get rich quick. Then get out now. Crypto is dangerous for people seeking a quick profit, as the market moves in the past 24 hours can attest!


This is where a major advantage of Steem and hodling STEEM tokens comes into play.

Steem is an entirely different beast in the crypto game. If you're active on Steem and you invest both in STEEM tokens as well as proliferating content on the platform, then you can actually earn an income while also participating in the long-term gains of the crypto markets.

Earning more STEEM is one of the best past times as we wait for the market to rally. Nobody knows how long it may take for the market to rally upwards, but what we can do is prepare.

We can prepare by learning everything we can about our investments and making informed decisions.

Years of investing in general and months of research of the Steem blockchain have taught me that this is one of the best opportunities for investors right now.

Steem is a truly unique platform and the opportunities on here are endless. It started with content and now the applications are continuing to widen which means more and more opportunities are being created.

Don't sleep on them. Be ready, be prepared and always keep your eyes forward. Continue to learn as much as you can and be as informed as possible! That's how you win in the crypto game. Patience, friends!

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Preparation the long this point, it will really be long term. I hope to see the other side of the tunnel.

You're right! Crypto is the future but the future is now! This market sometimes going crazy all of us but this is absolutely great. I'm 100% in love cryptocurrency and steemit.

you are right crypto is not a get quick rich option who's not have patience or holding power,
@triptolemus thanks for writing it's motivate us..Keep up good work


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we must invest in cripto,
well done @triptolemus

Yap so true i agree we should always stay focused on the future of cryptocurrency

I feel lucky I've entered the market in January. The bear market has taught me a lot, mainly about patience and long term perspective. Happy to just have bought another 200 Steem today. Stay strong guys!

I'm just getting started on steemit so I have a little and have been reading a lot of information about the steem cryptocurrency as well. I plan to invest in the near future.

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Vice words! I recently did my first crypto purchase with mindset that i will sit on it as long as i can. Trying to gain fast money will definitely make me more nervous and by that, make me lose more money

You are absolutely correct. Crypto is future. Until digitalisation and digital world exists. No one can stop Crypto. Huddles will be there at every point. But no need to panic. Crypto market will grow like anything.
And we can witness in upcoming days STEEMIT will emerge as one of top Crypto currency in the world.
Because of its unique way STEEM currency is little bit different. In longer run STEEM will rock and will make a unique position in Crypto world.

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Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

you are right in your words ... at the moment it is incredible to be in the VIP of the most important innovation after the internet ... we are privileged for that we must invest in the long term when steemit becomes the real competition of facebook and replaces it will be worth millions of dollars and we will regret for not having invested ..

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I believe we have a lot of years ahead of us to the real full adoption of Cryptocurrency and the blockchain but before that its going to involve lots of pain and losses for people who think they understand the market and jump right hoping to make a few bucks in a short timeline.

Excellent post,

I agree with you that PACIENCIA is the best arm in this battle of nerves.
Let's wait and grow together with Steem !!!
I will accompany you, vote and reestimit ...