Set High Goals for High Motivation

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When you chase the impossible, you'll find that you have the motivation that can never be found when chasing the reasonable.

Big goals beget big actions.

“Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.” Dan Brown

When I set goals for myself, I like to set the bar really really high. If the bar is low, then I won't be motivated enough to achieve those goals.

Would you rather work 10 hours a day to achieve your loftiest dreams and make them a reality or would you rather work 1 hour a day for very little change, almost unnoticeable change?

Keep this in mind:

99% of people in the world are chasing small goals. They're chasing the low-hanging fruit in life.

This means that it's both overcrowded and competitive to achieve small goals. Raising $100k for a project is far more competitive than raising $10m...

If you have a huge dream and a huge vision AND you back that up with huge actions and incredible feats of strength, then you will achieve those dreams.

It requires that you stay consistent and stay hungry.

It's hard to be consistent and hungry when your dreams are tiny. When your dreams are easy to achieve.

When your dreams are easy to achieve, you'll simply allow yourself to lay back and relax. You'll say "oh, I've got plenty of time to do that, it's not hard."

That type of mindset is a defeated one. You've lost before you've begun. How will you achieve anything in life when the payoff isn't big enough to get you off the couch?

I always love to remind myself that I'm chasing big dreams and it requires that I think outside the box and do what others aren't willing to do.

I'm willing (and becoming more so) to put myself out into the world. To work hard. To give my heart and soul to whatever project I'm pursuing.

This is how I plan on achieving my greatest goals and my wildest dreams - by putting in the work and actions that nobody else is willing to do.

And my motivation for doing it every single day? Big dreams.

There's an amazing book called "The Magic of Thinking Big" - I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in creating huge goals and then taking huge actions to achieve those goals!!

What huge dreams are you striving to achieve?

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This is really great and a great motivating post. I must commend you for this especially my eyes caught this line "When you chase the impossible, you'll find that you have the motivation that can never be found when chasing the reasonable." You are right. In my own heart, i beieve nothing is impossible, nothing can not be acheived only if you believe and have a strong determination for it. Thanks for sharing this with us



Thank you! I'm glad that you think so and like the post!

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This post is made of GOLD ...Thanks for motivation.


Haha it means so much that you think so!! Thank you!

This is so important. It's hardly a dream if it's already in your grasp. Dream big or go home!

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The higher your goal is, the higher possibility of getting success.....So motivating post☺


Thank you!! Higher goals will make you so much more motivated and driven to achieve great things!

Life without AIM is completely aimless.

Love this😊😊 Dream Big and soar high like an eagle.

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Love this😊😊 Dream Big and soar high like an eagle.

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Thank you!! Soar like an eagle toward your dreams for sure!

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for motivation.

The mountain is looking too good and as you say really it's too high, is it Everest ??
sometimes when we have higher Expectations it will never ever be held but if you dream high it sometime Lee can be positive because if our Wills will not be true but you don't leave dreaming or it is not the truth that if you're not getting big you don't want to be if you have high Expectations you getting high because it will encourages you it will cost you to achieve it so bro very motivating post your post will motivate everyone who will want to achieve a higher place or higher image in her life I really hope that your post will meet motivate everyone and helps Every steemitian in this platform keep it up

It's too important to dream because if you don't dream how can you be paid if you don't want how will you get so Haunting and dreaming is always important because how much you think that much of it you will get so think dream and get..

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I liked the post. I wouldn't say it's a dream but a goal, I'd like to get my financial freedom. financialfreedom.jpg


That's a dream and a goal - as long as you define it and make sure that you do the work to achieve it!

nice picture.. the mountain is like here is rainbow..


Haha at the rainbow lies the pot of goal, but the adventure matters as well!!!

The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch. In line with what you said that 99% of people are chasing small goals. This book, The magic of thinking big, it sounds nice


It's a great book and you're absolutely right... Most people simply think too small.

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I believe that you can be enough strong until be strong is your only option.... have a nice day

its ture motivation is the more important part of life with out motivation any one can not do properly work but when got motivation doing so much better work. great post dear


I agree, motivation is essential to working hard and getting the most out of life!