People Are Anti-Fragile

in triptolemus •  8 months ago 

If you haven't read the ideas of some of the greatest philosophers of our time, then you are missing out!

One of the greatest ideas around that I have read is that of anti fragility.

Anti fragility in people is such a fantastic use case for the idea.

People are anti fragile in the sense that protecting ourselves from being vulnerable and taking risks and failure is the surest path to a mediocre life filled with regret and lack of growth.

The more you experience pain, loss and failure, the more you have the opportunity to grow - if you allow yourself to give in to your anti fragility!

So give in a little each day - give in to the idea that you need to move kind of fast, break stuff and fall on your face several times!

The more you fail, them more you learn.

And on the flip side:

the less you fail, the more you regret!


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