One piece of 'Akshma' in Bangladesh!

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Assalamulaiqum, I am Shahin Alam. A general member of Steemit-platform.

Today, the contents of my blog are some of the beautiful Niladri narratives like Kashmir, discuss the travel strategy and express your views about this Niladri yatra.

Welcome to my blog.

'Niladri' - Name of a place that is made in blue color. It's like losing in blue kingdom. It seems, the place filled with the heavenly beauty is a piece of 'Akshma' in Bangladesh!

Many people go to Tangua haor in Sunamganj. But there are many beautiful scenic places around it, which can shake everyone's mind! One such place, Teckerghat limestone, was abandoned by Limestone Lake. Tourists know it as Niladri Lake. Its name is as beautiful as it is as beautiful as it is.

This lake of Tahirpur in Sunamganj became very popular in the last 3 years. The lake has been read in the hills of Bangladesh and the lake has been falling in India. Many small toels around the lake. Tangua haor is spreading a little further.

In the grass, green teal, lake clear water, and on the other side of the Nilchhe hills, the whole mind becomes 'extraordinary'! Living in the lake of divine peace. Travelers scared to see the pictures here, camping, sometimes on the night of the night, sometimes or under the sky filled with them.

The hero of the War of Liberation named Bir Bikram Khatb has been named after Sirajul Islam. Name given by Tahirpur residents This name is acknowledged by the contribution of this region to the liberation war. But because there is no signboard or because it is not being publicized, tourists named 'Niladri'!

This name is popular among travelers. The original name of the lake is covered in it. Although it is Shaheed Siraj Lake, to Tahirpuras, they have not forgotten history.

The path to Tech's walk is quite beautiful. On the way to Tekerhat, we were forgotten by the charm of all around, and we forgot that the time was moving fast. At one point, the boat came to Techherhat, due to the afternoon, Maji suggested to look around for a little while. I heard the advice of the moderate, not working at the work!

I started walking to see the nature of Niladri, and the speed of walking with the beauty of the beauty increased. Look forward to some distance, a nice motorcycle ride. A lot of funny scenes were seen on the motorcycle, which could never be forgotten.

At one stage we came to the border of the country of Niladri with a combination of natural scenes. On the border of Bangladesh-India, we witnessed the presence of two vigilant guards of Border Guard and BSF jawans. In this situation we also took pictures of some scenes. After a few moments of rehearsing, the boat started to move to Tangua haor. The boat left the boat, quite cold!

There are comfortable beds to relax with a bed and pillow. At one stage, at Tangua restaurant near the ghat, there is no fresh breakfast in the restaurant. Return to Sunamganj city again, Destination Haor Vilas Guest House.

Finally I will say that I am happy to highlight the beauty of Bengal. To enjoy the natural beauty, I travel to different countries. Everyone's request to visit "Niladri" in Bangladesh Enjoy the beauty of Kashmiri India Thank you all.

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● Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj, Bangladesh

One piece of 'Akshma' in Bangladesh!

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