Good Food at Baan Thai takeaway as Skien, Norway

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Dear steemians,
Two weeks ago I have visited Skien. There is a nice restaurant called Baan Thai Takeaway. I have ordered Noodle Soup with Beef and meatballs. I love beef very much. And I also ordered Green Curry Chicken with rice. All of this food was tasty.

The seasoning and fresh salad in two photos below are for putting into Noodle soup. You can put more sugar, chili powder, fish sauce or sour chili sauce. It depends on which taste you like. I put a bit more chili, that's it. I tried to use less sugar and salt for good health.

There are lots of menus of food and appetizer we can choose from. I highly recommend this restaurant for you If you have a chance to visit Skein.

The restaurant was not big, Thai style decorating and clean. It's lovely I like it. I hope you like this place too. The staffs were very friendly with big smiles.

After enjoying with nice foods. I went out and walk a bit around the town. The weather was very clear and there was some snow left on the ground. My day was perfect.

Thank you all of you for visiting my post, upvote, comment and resteem this post. I hope you have a great time always everywhere. See you around.

Location information
● Kverndalsgata 4A, 3717 Skien, Norge

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Good Food at Baan Thai takeaway as Skien, Norway

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The noodle looks delicious 😋 if you don’t mention the location I think this restaurant is in Thailand.

Thank you for visiting and supported @noopu.

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