VisitnThe Thai Temple in Norway.

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Dear steemit friends and followers,

This weekend I had a chance to visit the Thai Temple in Norway called Wat Phra Dhammakaya. It's located in Egersund. The main photo was taken in the summer. Right now the temple is covering by snow. I could not manage to take a photo from outside, so I show you a building photo when it was in the summer instead. The Temple style is exactly not the same as in Thailand. The building was a hotel before. They bought the old hotel and renovating. There are many things to fix. Right now it had renovated about 50 percent.

Look out at the window. The land and the mountain were beautiful covering by snow white. The atmosphere around the temple was nice. I like this place. There are the big yard and the mountain behind. In the summer you can go to the forest for hunting mushroom. hehe!

There are 2 monks taking care of the temple. They were kind.

Yesterday it was a nice day for Thai people in Norway to visit the Temple. We are around 15 people came to do the meditation. We work up at 3 am and started praying and did the meditation. Around 5.30 we prepared breakfast for monks and people who joined the meditation. After Breakfast, we did the meditation again from 9.00-10. We had lunch at the Temple and go back home.

We put foods, mixed fruits, fruit juices, cookie and cake on the nice tables. Dedicated to the Lord Buddha. At the top of a nice table, you will see Glass Pagoda. It was the Lord Buddha Relics. Everybody believes that.

We all hope The temple will be completed before the end of this year,2019. The temple is welcome for everybody and every religion to visit.

Thank you for visiting my post. If you like my post, please upvote, comment and resteem. Have a great time and a great life. See you around.

Location information
● Sørlandsveien 314, 4376 Helleland, Norway

VisitnThe Thai Temple in Norway. Wat Phra Dhamakaya Egersund

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You ought to do some research about this sect! Legally and ethically, there are several law suits and the previous Buddhist Patriarch (the 19th) had issued that the head of this sect to be disrobed.

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ok I see.

Money laundering too! Many of my friends and family members were persuaded and pressurized to give lots of money to this group several years ago.
So much deep secrets still waiting to be made public. This involves several politicians and investors who benefited from this pile of donated money!

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