Tarsus Zorbaz Otel, Turkey

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Tarsus Zorbas Hotel

Tarsus Zorbas Hotel is located at Kizilmurat Mahallesi̇, 2716. Sokak 2, Tarsus.

It is on the edge of the city district, so it is great if you have a car to get there.

There is a big parking lot at the back of the hotel.

Hotel has a big lobby reception place

The lobby is huge and have seating areas for guests.

Great Reception area.

It offers a 24-hour front desk reception in the lounge area.

The staff is friendly.

Comfortable and Clean Rooms

There is a balcony terrace outside.

Bathrooms are tidy and clean

We recommend this hotel as we spent a few days here and felt very comfortable.



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Location information
● Tarsus, Mersin Province, Turkey

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Tarsus Zorbaz Otel, Turkey

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