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Ang Sila Fishing Village is open for tourists and customers. Here are fresh and fresh seafood. Delicious food Fried Foods / Fishy / Sweet Food Cooked by a recipe 🦀🦐🐠🐚🍤🥗🍚🍽️
there is also Special sauce made to suit your taste.
Burned to eat fresh from the sea immediately.
And many other services such as the food court for everyone to eat and have security. There is ample parking space. There are toilets available. And most importantly, the local fish market team Ang Sila will narrow the issue of fairness of tourists and customers. That is a matter. Cheating price / quality / quantity Or even fresh. All customers are confident and comfortable shopping. And there will be penalties for unfair traders. I invite visitors to visit this market. You will love this market like me.

The seafood is not expensive, good traders, good service.
Seafood offers a wide selection of shrimp, shellfish, squid and many more. Dipping sauce is a new cook ever. Sea food is very cheap, has a steaming grill, baked butter, very convenient.

If you think of seafood. Chonburi is probably one of the provinces that you think about. Because it is near Bangkok. I also have a place to eat a variety of accommodation. Here, fresh seafood is delivered straight from the fisherman every morning. Including cooked seafood ready to eat. And dried seafood. The convenience of buying fresh produce back to cook it's own sauce is sold together. Besides the fresh crayfish, shellfish, crabs, fish, there are shops, souvenir shops, Thai desserts, freshly made scents such as snacks, snacks, fried snacks, squid roasts. Zab more And pant Local food

Ang Sila Fishing Market
Address: Tambon Ang Sila, Muang Chon Buri Chonburi Open daily from 06.00-20.00 hrs. Tel. 0 3311 4370

Location information
● ตลาดประมงพื้นบ้าน อ่างศิลา, Angsila Rd, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri, Thailand

Reviews Ang Sila Fishing Market

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