North Carolina USA - Fall Colors and the Mountains

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In the US, there is a transition from Summer to Winter called “Fall”. The “Fall”, in some areas of the US shows some really beautiful tree leave colors as they are slowly changing and will fall off the trees by winter time.

The key is to go to an area that has these colors. Florida does not really have a “fall” season. If you travel north ,about 10-12 hours by car, you get to the east coast mountain states like North Carolina (west side of the state). There, the Blue Ridge Mountains are famous for their colors in the October time frame.

You can rent a cabin in the mountains and enjoy the sunny days and cooler nights. Always look forward to going back again.

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North Carolina USA - Fall Colors and the Mountains

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Clouds over the mountains with the fall colors spectacular :-).

Yes...the colors were brilliant and the mirrored affect on the lake. A nice place.

This is your first post~ Please use it often~^^ thanks.~

look so good picture~^^

All pictures are very beautiful, I love this season.

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Thank you Noopu.