TrippyThursday - Fractal mandalas

in #trippythursday3 years ago (edited)

This is my entry to #TrippyThursday hosted by @blacklux. These fractal mandalas were made with JWildfire and DPHDR.

Click on the images to see them in full resolution!




#TrippyThursday by @blacklux




Very nice fractal work

so beautiful love the first one

They are very beautiful. Thanks @kalemandra.

When I zoom in on the picture, as if I were in another dimension, in addition every boundaries of colour to each other as if giving a form of abstract.. Absolutely amazing

can you tell me how it s made? i would like a painting like this. thank you!

Preciosos esos diseños de fractales, especialmente el 1º y 3º. Qué buenos efectos de transparencias consigues. El primero es espectacular.

Awesome vibes. Totally diggin this round of fractals. Thank you @kalemandra :) Much love!!

Did you create these fractals? Does it take long to process? Beautiful work.

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