Global Warming at it's Best: Spring Arriving in Amsterdam

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Just at the end of my Wednesday, the day before Valentines day, the day before Spring comes to my part of the world, Spring that should have been out and about until at least April... Global Warming? Certainly a hoax!...

...let me not bore you with facts or my personal opinions, but give you some super nice tech-house (at times a bit techno-ish) tunes recorded by DanceTrippin. The artist? Well, one which belongs to my absolute most favourite artists around in the electronic dance segment...

The event itself looks pretty pretty pretty nice! Check the video while listening and maybe even dancing; You'll see a bunch of darn happy people enjoying the party and everything a LOT!

Soooo much looking forward to this Spring and Summer, in the process of booking a number of multi day festivals as we speak, in Germany, Poland, and also in my own country The Netherlands. Three for sure by now; 13 days of music combined and all in about two months timeframe...

Now: Wobbling in my chair; Listening to the happy-ish tunes under the play button below;Writing this post... check minute 31:00 ... super track!


© WednesdayHouse (source)

Artist: Steve Rachmad
Set: Family Piknik
Year: 2015
Country: Netherlands

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Yeah a hoax.... lol
Our weather in Canada is f***ed right now and this year in general. This has been the past 3 days. Blizzard with 15-20 cm of snow, followed by rain with a chance of thunder storms, then freezing rain and ice pellets, then normal rain and then back to snow. Two weeks ago it was +8 degrees celcius followed by -25 degrees then back into the positives and it keeps going back and forth like that like it's a friggin ping pong match. Its completely messed up this year and each year it seems to be getting worse - more and more sporadic with extreme fluctuations from one end to the other. Our weather has been very abnormal for the past few years

WOW, that are big fluctuations. In west Europe we have less fluctuations, but over the last years we see a changing pattern to get more extremes as well. Last summer was one of the best summers of the last 100 years in high temperatures and only a little rain which is quite unusual since we have a mild sea climate usually. As of today we'll getting high temperatures comparable with our Spring time, while we are still in the middle of winter. So yeah, I guess all around the world everything is changing quite a lot. But these are the weather gods playing with us, guess they may be a bit angry with each other and acting up more then they did ever before. Maybe we can blame the moving magnetic poles. Lot's of debates ongoing in our media currently on climate changes due to upcoming local elections, and high school kids marching in our political capital The Hague to call for acceptance global warming is a fact and we humans can do something about it. Many adults complaining these kids should be in school though hahahaha Adults are allowed to strike, but kids not? hahahaha

Yeah there is a lot going on all around. I'm actually quite proud that kids are standing up in protest. Kids are much more courageous these days. I'm not a parent though and I'm sure its challenging for those who are seeing their children striking against school. We will see what happens I guess

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Fully agree children are standing up and protest to, even though their official influence is next to nothing. But they will be on planet earth for the next 80 yrs and more therefore they have all the roght to goght against the 50+yr of age people who control governments.

Agreed :)

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