Vlog - My Trip To Fulfilling The First Dream Begin

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If you have noticed or not noticed, my goal of fulfilling a fulfilling, happy and good life in terms of realizing potential is to reach a situation where I become independent and engage in creating and writing series and films for television and film.

At the age of 6, I was exposed to the cinema for the first time as a little boy and I found myself in the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Since that movie, I was exposed to the world of the movie story with which exposure to the storytelling world came, and I found myself a whole decade with the Harry Potter series, My life is to tell good quality stories on TV and in film.

In order to decide to embark on a dream fulfillment journey, I decided to start with the first dream, which is seemingly a simple and logical dream for every moment to fulfill it and only needs the ability.
Fly to London and get to a place that made me come to the conclusion of what makes me happy in life.
The same place is the set where Harry Potter was filmed.
Where most of this masterpiece was taken and built.

A partner who has the same love as Harry Potter joined me on a spontaneous journey in which we are going to realize a childhood dream.

And the moral I have to tell you is that in order to start fulfilling these crazy dreams, you have to start fulfilling your simple dreams and slowly rise to the level. Just like playing with stages. The first step is always easy.

So let's join the video experience in my first Vlog.

▶️ DTube

Congrats on starting you journey to fulfill your dreams, hope you fulfill each and every one of them

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