Trip to Croatia with 13 friends! #1 - Intro

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Hello Steemians!

For 2 weeks I'm going with my 13 friends for trip into Croatia!
It will be big trip!
Would You like me to do little post about our trip from preparations to coming back?

If you are interested I can make post about preparation to trip - finding sleep place, and planning to get there

Follow me if you want to know all about my journey


I'm most curious about how you managed to coordinate 13 people! That seems like many people to reach an agreement on for a vacation.

Its 14 poeople with me.
It was really tricky, but we managed it! I will post about it in next post :)

I am waiting for the photos from your trip!
Have fun!

Quite big challenge. You're organize it? Alone or with somebody help?

I organized it for my friends alone :)

I would like to hear about your preparation for the trip @ravensw. I think the journey to organise the trip is half of the fun.

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And you have my vote :)

Will be done :)