Rome May, 2022

in #trip2 months ago

I had a rough year with all kinds of personal issues along with this terrible.. pandemic blues. Yes, it's been impacting all but I got hit by it a big time. So what do I do? I went on a solo trip to Italy and France.. it's not as exciting as it sounds though. What if someone attacks me? What if I get mugged or get my passport stolen.. what if I get lost... But how can I get lost even more than now?

The journey to Europe is one thing and getting to the airport is another. So crowded! So many lines and so many people.. I wonder if they are all happy. Smiling, frowning.. waiting, crying, talking, standing, protecting, hugging..... Am I the only one who feel like defeated in every possible way?

Defeated or defeating, here I am in Rome Termini.. and National Roman Museum (Baths of Diocletian).

These pink roses soften the pain temporarily. They are everywhere but why now? Why here? I feel peaceful and suddently I appreciate my being. Things at work or in my person life seem somewhat irrelevant. They still make me sad but I can postpone them.. Not now. I am enjoying my roses along with the 2000-year-old bath tubs!



The city of illusions and the city of echoes.. Giotto is right :) May I add a line or two, sir? The city of abandonment and imagination... . Refurbished legacy.. and my hope of you and me, once again.


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