Ryokan (Japanese Hotel) in Tottori

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If you have come to Japan, I think you have stayed in ryokan. Ryokan is like a Japanese version of a hotel. There are different grade guestrooms, and usually they serve Japanese food at night and in the morning. They use local ingredients so you can enjoy local specialties! And most of the time, you can enjoy onsen (hot spring), too.
Today, I will share my experience in a ryokan in Tottori.

The view from the room was great!

In a guestroom, they have Japanese traditional floor "tatami."

They usually serve tea when you arrive at your room.

Hand washing space was pretty!

You can enjoy onsen on a lake!

We reserved private outdoor onsen. The onsen water was directly brought from the lake!

It was a great view and I could relax without caring about other people.

*You can't soak hair into onsen.

I hope you enjoyed my experience in Tottori!!
I am flying off to another trip site tomorrow! See you in July!! :)


Very cool thanks for sharing!

Thank you for reading!! :)

What a nice ryokan with a view! We have stayed at a few before. One time in Hakone. This looks like a more modern hotel, looking at the sink. Very cool onsen. Were there walls around the onsen for privacy?

Thank you!
Yes, there were 3 walls at the sides and back. Only the front was open so if somebody tries to see us from the other end of the lake, then could see us.. lol

Ok, I see. That is funny. I just saw the other image of the dock and thought to myself. Hmmm... That looks pretty open for an onsen. : ) Looked like a nice time. See ya.


Looking forward to reading about your next destination :)
All the best!

I try to write it soon :)
Thank you!

Lots of pictures lovely.

I love Ryokan too. :) @arisa

What's wrong with you? I don't need your comment so I kindly ask you to leave from my posts.

Thank @arisa, to your trasfer for me yesterday,I following you now. I hope your support to me.

I've always wanted to visit Tottori. Something about it really appeals to me. Pretty far from Niigata (where I am now)
One day...

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