My Tribute to Ursula LeGuin, Who Wrote Some of the First Books I Cared About Reading

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Author Ursula LeGuin died this week at age 88. Her books greatly influenced the young me. Here is my tribute.

In the 1960s, a writer named Ursula LeGuin stepped into the realm of fantasy and science fiction. It was squarely dominated by men at the time; for many years, she was one of the only major female authors. On the shelf of fantasy, Lord of the Rings and Narnia were the two major bookends. Both are terrific sagas, which have earned their places as pillars of humanity’s modern mythology, yet LeGuin ached for something that was more meaningful.



Lord of the Rings is a great series and I’m a fan. But it is fantasy fiction for geeky guys. There is hardly a single female character in the trilogy. The real life issues it addresses are some obvious ones: good vs. evil, friendships, teamwork, and believing in one’s self. Those all are important, but the end result is an epic journey that is not relevant for everyone.

Even as a young adult (whenever I first read it), C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series smacked of a Christian parable. It’s a great series as well and contains a diverse array of mythical beasts and some various human children who handle partly heroic and partly spectator duties. However, hindsight from the modern world show us that Narnia’s gender roles and its attitudes toward different races belong much more in the 1950s than today.

What if someone could tell stories without those limitations? If you've ever read or watched Game of Thrones, you'll know just what that looks like. Author George R.R. Martin credits Ursula LeGuin as one of his biggest influences and their stories have many similarities. Much of today's science fiction and fantasy both have major elements that began with LeGuin. She brought in real life issues and struggles that no one had seen before in these genres. And she encouraged other authors to set their imaginations completely free.


Limitless Possibilities

LeGuin recognized that fantasy and science fiction offered basically limitless possibilities for imaginative writers. Why should fantasy be confined to the world of medieval Europe, which so many authors adopt as their stage? Why should heroes in our worlds of imagination be limited to those who are white and male? Her books blasted through the stereotypes and helped open up these genres. They introduced real life issues, from environmental problems to child abuse to political governance, that had never been seen before in such a setting.

For example, one of her first science fiction works, The Left Hand of Darkness, won major awards by exploring a world inhabited by androgynous beings. She wrote it to experiment with a world where gender was taken out of the equation; what would it look like when a king gives birth? Game of Thrones author George Martin called it "one of the best science fiction novels ever written."



In others, she introduced strong female lead characters and placed people from different ethnic groups on the same footing, which have become staples of modern science fiction. In the decades since, many other writers and moviemakers took up her lead and used their imaginations to create better worlds, different worlds, and worlds where humanity has solved some problems and discovered others.

She was one of the first to put intelligent, real world themes in sci fi and fantasy fiction. With her Earthsea trilogy (to which she later added more books and short stories), LeGuin set out to write a fantasy series for everyone. What she created was not just a set of stories for young adults. It was literature.


Native Wisdom and Taoist Balance

Considering when they were written (mostly in the 1960s and 1970s), LeGuin’s books showed a high comfort levels with different cultures and influences. She must have been influenced heavily by her upbringing, since both of her parents were anthropologists. Her father, Alfred Kroeber, taught anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, and was considered a pioneer in documenting the cultures and languages of Native American tribes, while also conducting archaeology projects in Peru. Her mother, who also earned an advanced degree in psychology and studied graduate level anthropology, wrote several noted works about Native American tribes and their legends.


In Ursula LeGuin’s books, she did not avoid the classic European Middle Ages backdrop that provides the widespread bag of tools for fantasy authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien. Her stories contained elements of that, but she introduced additional layers. Among them, you can see a grounding in indigenous cultures along with the Native American respect for the spirits of all living things. In her Hainish Cycle science fiction series, there are groups that strongly resemble Native American tribes. And most obviously, her Always Coming Home book drew heavily from works by both of her parents to create a fictional people in a post-apocalyptic world that might resemble a Native American tribe of the past.

The Earthsea books stand as her crowning achievement. The first three books, A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, and The Farthest Shore, tell three complementary stories that are vivid with symbolism. There is a hero or heroine for everyone in one of these stories, especially for older children or young adults who are struggling to define an identity and find a place in the world. LeGuin’s Taoist beliefs are evident throughout (she also wrote a book about the Tao Te Ching). At the heart of the Earthsea world is balance and it is held in place by magic. Each player has a counterpart, each action has a consequence, and mirror images figure prominently.


Never Given a Good Movie, But Popular and Influential

Ursula LeGuin was a popular author and she had a wide following that spanned generations. However, she never had the grand cultural tribute she deserved having her signature series made into movies. She granted rights to her work to both the SyFy channel (for a mini series) and to Studio Ghibli (for an anime version). Both came out very differently and bore little resemblance to the Earthsea books, which disappointed her deeply. BBC Radio created a stylish radio production.

In truth, I think it would be much harder to make a good movie of these stories than it was for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and other book series. Nevertheless, I hope a talented filmmaker takes on that challenge someday. LeGuin did not live to see it happen, but it would be a tremendous benefit to society to have these stories accessible in another form.

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has spared no praise. He listed LeGuin’s Earthsea books as among his greatest influences “without whom A Song of Ice and Fire would never have been written.” Dragons in the human realm, abused girls finding their way, and young people forced to take on the burdens of responsibility at an early age: sound familiar? These themes are prevalent in both LeGuin’s and Martin’s work.


Novelist Terry Pratchett identified Ursula LeGuin as “one of the architects of the consensus fantasy universe.” Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood described her as “one of the classic Twentieth Century writers.” There was a school of wizardry in Earthsea long before J.K. Rowling conceived of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. In 2016, the Library of America organization announced that it would publish a volume of Ursula LeGuin’s collected works, an honor which was almost unprecedented for a living author (since this organization is a steward of major works from the titans of American literature, including William Faulkner, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne).

As a young adult, the Earthsea trilogy was one of the first sets of books that drew me in. In the years since, I have returned several times to the Earthsea books and their rich mythology (which now includes several more books and short stories that LeGuin has added to them over the years). Their symbolism, their struggles, and their lessons are as relevant today as ever.

As author Neil Gaiman wrote upon learning of her death, Ursula LeGuin was “the deepest and smartest of writers.” A fan responded on Twitter that she had never read LeGuin and asked which book she should start with. Gaiman replied “Anywhere. She was that good.”


Top photo credit: Artwork for Earthsea from Simon & Schuster.


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SHe was an amazing author!


Yes she was, amazing

Excellent tribute @donkeypong. She was without a doubt a great author. Though I liked all of her quotes but this one is special:

Steem On!


Another concise gem!


Agreed. She was a blessed lady.


It's interesting how I found such a great writer only after their death... Was it lack of curiosity or unavoidable destiny? I think the first one sounds more likely...

Wow. Awesome tribute. This is great. I really loved her and still do.
My favourite book with Le Guin’s name on it is her translation of the Tao Te Ching.
It don’t take to new things easily, so when i first read her translation is rubbed me wrong, it wasn’t what I was used to, what I expected.
But I kept coming back to it, and eventually became my favorite translation.Another favourite book by her is the Dispossessed. This is kind of a cop out answer because I’ve only read two books she authored, The Dispossessed and Left Hand of Darkness (which I had to return to the library before finishing so…). And frankly, I really don’t like Genly Ai (which has a lot to do with why I didn’t finish the book before the due date. I w as fascinated by what seemed like some parallels between the beliefs of the Foretellers and the Tao, so I’ll probably go back and finish it one day.
I really would miss her. To you my Le Guin you will be missed
more than you will ever know.


The Dispossessed is very good also. Yes, there are unlikable characters in some of her books, I agree. But groundbreaking and thought provoking they are, all of them. I never understood, until I was older, how much Taoism influenced her. The balance and the way were there in almost every book and in her words whenever she spoke.


Hmmmm. Taosim influences my life a lot even though I don't consider myself to practice it. Both of my best friends took up meditation at different times of their lives and they lead, though separately, lives of tranquility and quiet observation. Now I'm seeing signs of it everywhere, and every time I find a moment of crisis, I settle down and remember their teachings.

One of them also admires Buddha a lot and, funnily as it sounds, while I lead a life of pleasure-seeking, any time I'm alone and in a time-out, I imagine I've reached Nirvana and watch myself from above. I think this is also one of the pleasures of a writer, imagining yourself as a character and examining your own essence.

These very beautiful lines on death:


Then Tommy the tiny Steemian said "Stop sucking up to life and death. They only have power because you give it to them!"

And he died.

I love that she continues to interrogate fiction and society. That she is unafraid to admit error. That she doesn’t see it as a weakness but as a way to grow. I love her power.

I find myself unable to speak of her in the past tense. Today, I have been told that she is dead. There is a low wall between us, but not enough, I think to keep her from shaping my life or yours.


What a wonderful comment. No boundaries. Thank you!


Usually I don't care if someone copies something and I'm not someone who would flag. But this pisses me off, because these words clearly came from the heart of someone who loved her and knew her, and are being used here to earn money. So @lucyc if you're not
please refrain from further use of this comment, because I find it disguisting.

It so sad to see such an important figure for fantasy and literature go :-( You picked some amazing quotes to fill the post.... I've seen the syfy series and the anime they "adapted" from her work, but as you said, it doesn't really come close to the books, hopefully one day a good filmmaker be it animated or not will bring to life her work and create another piece to add to her beautiful legacy :-(

With the book of women dream dragons, we have realized how wonderful it is to find a lot of clues about herself, her books and world view, and dreaming. Science fiction / The greatest female writer of fantasy literature.
Science fiction / Fantastic is a philosophical novel about life behind the scenes at the same time.
in the terrestrial trinity (in fact a total of 4 books).
The sorcerer of the field = Birth
Atuan cemeteries = Sexuality
Furthest beach = Death
Theanu = The Resurrection, symbolizes.
The laughing diary and the left hand of the darkness are less well-known books that must be taken into consideration.
Some people can not keep Ursula's science fiction writing. For them, science fiction is made up of robots and machines. Ursula's scientific sciences do not go too far in his scientific direction. It tells the people and their change.
I agree with you. At the moment they are inspired by the most popular science fiction writers Ursala. Those writers are mentors. Inspirational. Eger can be sure if someone is watching a science fiction movie. There is also the effect of Ursula in that movie !!!!

Does a writer like him ever come back? I do not know. I know I will miss her and her fantasy world. @donkeypong

Wow, this is a great tribute @donkeypong, a well charted RIP tribute to the hero Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, a tremendous human being and storyteller who helped make fantasy a more imaginative and humane genre. Her loss is a huge loss, not only to the fiction society, but to the writing society at large.

Never read her books but may her gentle soul rest in peace. I guess i'll have to look for a book of hers and no need to ask which to start from. Already got the answer.

Anywhere. She was that good.”


I need to get her book too, there are a lot them we just don't have any idea about. I know the one to get first.

This tribute is really concise and in point. No one would read this and not see the wonderful nature of this lady. Because of what you have written, I would make sure to study more about her, probably I'll get to be influenced by her even in her death, by her works.

I've been struggling with what you describe for a long-ish time in my readings. I love fantasy and science fiction. Those are my favorite genres and the ones I spend the most time reading. But after a while you get tired of reading the same thing over and over. Maybe the style is good, but it's as if it were just the rewritten wizards and dragons tale.

Why should fantasy be confined to the world of medieval Europe, which so many authors adopt as their stage?

I'm a writer myself and I've been trying to explore these genres. I haven't read of Ursula LeGuin, but from what you're describing, I'm going to have to pick up one of her books and give her a long read.

In others, she introduced strong female lead characters and placed people from different ethnic groups on the same footing, which have become staples of modern science fiction.

Maybe these things are cliché nowadays, but she did it first. Today all science fiction and fantasy movies have tokenized their cast, filling it up with the overused proportion schema of 1 black : 1 asian : 1 white : 1 hispanic and I'm leaving out the ethnic representation of native Aboriginals because they're actually not portrayed as often.

However, as I said, she did it first. Literature as a whole gives a step forward when authors like Ursula decide to change genres for good and take from the world as they see it and not as it is depicted by the mainstream context.

she did not avoid the classic European Middle Ages

But it's important not to forget that what may be considered cliché is also something that might find a valid place inside your works. Maybe castles are overused. Why not put a spaceship on top of it? I'm exaggerating a little, but from what you describe about Ursula, she was a great supporter of moving forward our old pieces, not letting our genre and our style stagnate due to tradition and fidelity.

A fan responded on Twitter that she had never read LeGuin and asked which book she should start with. Gaiman replied “Anywhere. She was that good.”

Thank you for the recommendation. I was about to ask that when I read that :P I'll go pick up one of her books. Thanks for the great post, @donkeypong, and for the inspiration. It will probably affect my writing style a lot now that I've read such constructive criticism.


Exactly. Always moving forward and adding things that we didn't expect to be there. The diverse casts today seem cliche and politically correct, but that's a good problem to have, and she deserves a lot of the credit for showing that everyone belongs.

She one of the literary greats of the 20th century – her books are many and widely read and beloved.


She had no end of good quotes, all of them intelligently cutting through the nonsense to deliver concise wisdom.

It always packs a punch in to the heart when you see your favorite people pass away. I haven't really read her books, unless I don't know, because I don't remember the authors of the books I read. But I really like the sound of her novel where the beings have no gender. I'll make sure to check it out and possibly read it in the near future!


It's worth the read. Thanks for your comment!

What a legend she was, I’m glad she helped impact the world with her fiction novels. I guess with all her publications there’s a truth behind her fictional stories like the one you posted about “people who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons”. Again she was really beautiful when she was much younger. Rip to the legend

I read through your tribute and i was really amazed and concurred. I most recently read Ursula K LeGuin’s classic novel THE DISPOSESSED, but her most potent tale remains the short story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.” Thank you for having the imagination to help us see each other truly.
The greatest gift that writers give us is that their words and their worlds live on within us after their deaths.
I will miss her.


Yes, some of her short stories (that one for sure) were powerful as well.

A moving piece, thank you for this.
Extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Ursula K Le Guin, and on the day after I finally got around to reading The World For World is Forest. One of big, dreaming trees has fallen.
She was a supporting column of the genre, on equal footing and bearing equal weight to Verne or Wells or Heinlein or Bradbury. Losing her is like losing one of the great sequoia.
Her books were the first by a female SF writer I read when I was a kid. It was a revelation
May her soul rest in piece


Great comment. Thank you!

It's so wonderful you found it worthy to grace the steemit platform with this tribute. I enjoyed reading it. I don't know much about the lady, but I guess she influenced a lot of lives, especially yours. I hope her works continue to influence and better lives, that her name will continue to live on.

I'll admit that I've neither watched nor read Game of Thrones, and I'm not the biggest fan of Lord of the Rings, but I did like Narnia. Now, after having read a few summaries of LeGuin's books I'm quite intrigued by the mixture of fantasy and science fiction. I guess I'll have to give them a try.

Ursula LeGuin was brave to enter into a male dominated career, and still managing to outstand with the great works, impressive. Personally Lord of the Rings tops the list of books I've read, great literature and story. The woman that had fiction and fantasy in her work that made her tick. And involving her work across all walks of life is an inspiration.
Great memories of Ursula LeGuin. May her soul rest in eternal peace

The tomb of Atans, the depossesed one and soon others. Though I never read any of her books but my dad had them.... I have forgotten their titles but dad always love to read them over and over. Good night great woman. Your contributions to life on earth live on after you. Adieu ma

This year I've been looking to incorporate one fiction book in between all the non-fiction I read each month. Huge thank you for turning me on to Ursula. I've just picked up A Wizard of Earthsea! Time to dive into this fiction and literary genius. This is going to be GREAT!


You won't be disappointed and don't stop with the first one!

Thanks, for this literary love letter, @donkeypong, to a remarkable figure. As with all influential artists, she lives on, through her work /her readers..

Here's another arresting quotation of hers to add to your already fine list:

'But where I can get prickly & combative is if I’m just called a sci-fi writer. I’m not. I’m a novelist and poet. Don’t shove me into your damn pigeonhole, where I don’t fit, because I’m all over.’

—Ursula K. Le Guin

Also, if you've not heard this, already, a recent conversation she had with Paul Holdengraber:



Good additions. Thanks.


Glad you appreciate it, @donkeypong :) Since you appreciate literature, I hope I'm not trespassing on your kindness by sharing this poem of mine that I just posted, earlier today: Open Letter to Israel & Remarkable Response from an Israeli Reader

Just as I posted this poem, a dove landed on my windowsill! Coincidence?


The Left Hand of Darkness is one of my favourite sci-fi novels.

Le Guin's world building in it is exceptional in that it covers so many aspects - politics, religion, underlying mythology, anatomy, architecture, weather, as well as science - but also manages to be consistent across all these ideas, making the whole a believable construct.

But more importantly she was a great story-teller. The trials of the journey across the ice are vivid, the short stories of myths dotted throughout the novel are perfect in their imperfections, as myths tend to be. And Genly's inability to understand Estraven's honour or in fact any of the polictical actions fit perfectly with his role of envoy.

A wonderful novel by a wonderful author.


Excellent comment. I love the term "world building" because that sums up one of her major strengths.

What I love about your posts is that they always tell a story...
This is a lovely tribute.


Some of us don't get to travel the globe for months at a time, so we must find stories elsewhere. :)


SNAP! You got me there but it's not as easy as it looks. I can't tell you how many times I've woken up in the morning and can't remember where I am. #truestory

You've sparked my interest! Reading your article actually makes me feel ashamed that I haven't read any of LeGuin's books! I'll definately put them on my 'to read' list. I'm a fan of the fantasy genre :)

I am ashamed of myself after this. I have heard of her and some of my friends have recommended her works, however, I have not read or even had the interest of reading her works. After reading this, I am intrigued and I guess to have to start reading. Thank you for this.

I love Ursula...... My all time favorite was Lathe of Heaven. Two movies were made of it and the newest one is terrible...... The original is in fact how I got introduced to her books. I watched the original movie on PBS and was unable to leave until it was over. Icthen proceeded to go buy her books.....


Yes, a very good book. The movie adaptations never seem to do her books justice though.

I am yet to read any of her books but she indeed has a boundless imagination from what you say

A king giving birth

That is crazy and awesome all at the same time

May her soul rest in perfect peace but I think her boundlessly work must have earned her a sense of immortality.

Good one @donkeypong

So sad…

This is the first post I've ever read on the site, and what an introduction. You've inspired me to finally read "Always Coming Home." Her short story "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" is a (as far as I saw in this discussion) unmentioned, and is one of my favorite short stories of all time.

Thank you for this wonderful post introducing me to a new to me author. According to your article all of her Earthsea books are so good that you can't go wrong choosing any one of them to begin.

perfect tribute.
the world has been abandoned by great artists.

she was great author the immensely popular who brought literary depth and a tough-minded feminist sensibility to science fiction and fantasy with books like The Left Hand of Darkness and the Earthsea series

The creative adult is the child who has survived.
Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula, without being told is indeed a great author. Her quotes are very philosophical. The one above is one I meditated so much on in my days of sickness. It speaks volumes and it ministered greatly to my heart.
May her soul rest in perfect peace. Thanks for sharing.

A literay giant, an author of no mean status. She inspired me so greatly in this quote from 'A Wizard of Earthsea'

It is very hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul

Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven

Indeed a legend and an icon has just passed on, the one who impacted greatly on the literary World. She is so good that even her quotes are widely read and meditated upon. This one on 'Love and relationships ' is one of my all-time favorite.
I pray that her gentle soul finds perfect rest.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 6.17.57 PM.png


Hey @donkeypong [still in the top 10 favorite internet names of mine of all time atm]

If you're big into science fiction,
i would Realllly like to talk,
both from the perspective of learning your perspective,
especially on ursula [who is a diamond i have in the bank still!],

but also in terms of what i'm writing.

Any time DP! Alx. Please. my discord is:


lol i upvoted myself to be seen, not realizing that i'm still WAYY down, and will only even get seen by you, if you realllly spend time going through interactions here. Which you do seem to. Hope you have a good weekend DP. Alx


Here's a sample. I have very few real followers, and am a so called minnow still, but i honestly think there's a chance you might enjoy this. And become acquaintances. I'd like that. Alx [i'm working on uploading enough video to cover my entire intellectual collection, even if the videos themselves are only on ipfs and identified in space time on the blockchain.

" It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the the journey that matters in the end" - Ursula le guin.


Man is Mortal.It is 100% true.But some death makes us very sad.I have read your post.She was great lady.We lost her.We lost big .We should pry for her.Thanks for your great writing about this author.I like her books.

I am interested in good plots as I am in theme exploration. As much as I tried to like her books, she is 95% about theme and 5% about plot. As a result, I was bored by her work.

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts, while others come into our lives and make us wanna leave footprints on their face.

Wow... she was really a legend. I hope some of her books can be made into a movie. I would love to watch!

Wow, reading this tribute, one would know you had a personal touch from this lady.she was a woman that touched somany lives. She was a small woman who exuded immense energy in person. She was fiery. She was personification of awesomeness.

She will rest in peace because she left something great, powerful and optimistic to humanity.
God Bless her forever.

May her soul rest in perfect peace 😥😥

philosophical novelist who vitalizes behind science fiction / fantasy screens
on earth (in fact a total of 4 books)
the landowner = birth
atuan cemeteries = sexuality
furthest coast = death
theanu = symbolizes resurrection
R.I.P Ursula Le Guin @donkeypong

Truly a awesome tribute @donkeypong. Ursula Le Guin was always made of fire. She is a woman of rare germ. World changing genius of a whole lot of realms. I'm glad she existed, and very sorry to see her go.may her soul rest in peace

Truly she changed the world in her own world. What a privilege to have read you, I learnt so much from her. You weren't just a literary genius: you were a person knew your own mind, and you were wickedly funny.

Awesome post @donkeypong.

i absolutely adore this tribute.. i've always liked lord of the rings trilogy and narnia.. i am so glad i chance upon this post because honestly it intrigued me of the works of Ursula K. Le Guin.. i am inspired to read her works and to know more about her. and even now that i still don't know any of her masterpieces i'm beginning to like her already. i think i will have a great time reading her work..

Such a beautiful and touching tribute.. @donkeypong

A great testimonial! The effects that LeGuin has had on me are similar in their impact on the fabric of my life, the least of which is the name of my WiFi network, Rocannon.
She was a supporting column of the genre, on equal footing and bearing equal weight to Verne or Wells or Heinlein or Bradbury. Losing her is like losing one of the great sequoia.

Great respect @donkeypong, World loss a great fiction author,
The simple preface but meaning,,,

Good luck our best science fiction writer will miss you......
Than for informasion

Oh I was late nice post :)

i love Ursula...... My all time favorite was Lathe of Heaven. Two movies were made of it and the newest one is terrible...... The original is in fact how I got introduced to her books. I watched the original movie on PBS and was unable to leave until it was over. Icthen proceeded to go buy her books.....@donkeypong

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I love this kind of novels and fairy tales. Or I follow many serials that are also relevant. A series of series game of trons

Rest in peace.. Great article, thanks for that.

"To break a promise is to deny the reality of the past. Therefore it is to deny the hope of a real future."

Very interesting. I have to read her some books.

@donkeypong. Her books are priceless marvels of human imagination put into words. Her influence can be seen in the books and films that have learnt from her literary style and has gone on to become best sellers even to readers like us,it has been a getaway of sorts into another dimension of sorts populated by mythical creatures and characters with valuablelife lessons embedded in them.Adieu Ursula LeGuin

I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book by her. Any good introductory books you’d recommend?

Such a colossal loss.
Literary works would miss you
Rest on LeGuin

While i've been quite the reader myself, yet those last few years have kept me away from indulging into books.

Unfortunately I haven't read Ursula, and from what you shared, she definitely is now on my list for an upcoming read.

Thank you for shedding light, it is indeed sad to see such inspiring people leave..

She was indeed a blessing to our world. I have not really read lord of the rings but I have always loved books made into movies. It represents how captivating the book is.

I think I found another author that will be one of my favourites. Suddenly I want to try one of her books. I love when there is no limitation to the story.

May her gentle soul repose in the bosom of the lord.

If you don't know where to start with this amazing women, start with "The Dispossessed".
Her introduction: “there was a book in it, and I knew it, but the book had to wait for me to learn what I was writing about and how to write about it. I needed to understand my own passionate opposition to the war that we were, endlessly it seemed, waging in Vietnam, and endlessly protesting at home,”

I don't read a lot of fantasy books, but I'll ask my wife if she's read any of Urslua's books. I read Tolkien growing up, but I would agree that it wasn't really written for women. Now, there are lots of books written for female audiences. Thanks for the article. I learned something new. :)

Wonderful tribute.
She is definitely one of the greats and a role model.
She will be missed by the literary world.
Rest in peace Ursula LeGuin.

oh no! :( I love her novels!

She was really a great author who left her marks on the sands of time.

I admit i haven't read many of her books but with this insight you gave, i think i have to download more now. Thank you for this. May she rest in peace but her works will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.

wall i dont have much to say .. rest in peace ... love to see somebody is doing something

Thanks, for this literary love letter, @donkeypong, to a remarkable figure. As with all influential artists, she lives on, through her work /her readers..

Here's another arresting quotation of hers to add to your already fine list:

'But where I can get prickly & combative is if I’m just called a sci-fi writer. I’m not. I’m a novelist and poet. Don’t shove me into your damn pigeonhole, where I don’t fit, because I’m all over.’

—Ursula K. Le Guin

Also, if you've not heard this, already, a recent conversation she had with Paul Holdengraber:


May Author Ursula LeGuin soul rest in perfect peace , she's indeed a great woman and a legend who have impacted so much into the life of many by her books

Awesome quote to wrap up a very profound and deep article. I've never heard about her before but now I'll put her on my radar for awesome reads.
Cheers man!

may she rest in peace without a doubt she was a legend! with his books that were wonderful

I loved the Earthsea chronicals. RIP Ursula. A talent that will be greatly missed by all those with overactive imaginations.

That revolution quote was extremely interesting. I often wonder what the next great revolution will be in this vast world.

"It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end."

Her contributions will get immortalized and will continue to inspire others to take the same path hers. @donkeypong

delightful tribute... I really do need to reread some of her work, its been ages. so many of whom i consider to be the great authors of my time have passed. im wondering if they will now come out with film versions and ruin everything..

@donkeypong Your post is excellent .I have read your post.Actually a lot of things I have learn from your post.Your maximum post is more informative and educative .No doubt the author was great.Actually Every death is painful to us specially when we lost our valuable person its the lost.I pry for her.God give her best reward.Thanks for sharing this kind of great writing for us.

He has done great works and also discovered where his talent were, what the society should know and how best to present the society with this gift of his.

He has written his name in gold and his footprint remain on the sand of time

Though i don't know much of him but His followers will forever remember him for his impact in their life

Adieu to Ursula LeGuin

RIP -Ursula LeGuin !
@donkeypong sir, no doubt the way tribute goes, the fantastic author kept herself alive in many minds. Making a mark and keepings the words into someone minds isa rarevfeet...whivh se did brilliantly with her graeat work.
To b very frank, the quality of thepost makeme to go to read her masterwork...thanks for sharing some of the reference.


I love her, she is one of the smartest women I know.
I've read a couple of her books and they are amazing.

I will have to read some of her books, for this creative spirit Ursula LeGuin to have touched your soul the way you have described. I am really glad I saw this post. Thank you @donkeypong, always a pleasure!


Amazing post... I like that

I never read any of her books yet as Ive been a fan of Dan Browns Da Vinci Code series, this is my next project to read, Everybody watched the series of The Lords Of the Rings so its no brainer that we all know its story and its fantasy.

Wow I'm really sad to hear that she is dead.

I am an aspiring fiction writer and a great lover of Science Fiction.

I have read the Left Hand of Darkness countless times and every time it offers some new insight into the world.

She will truly be missed.

one of my all time favorites for sure!! <# GREAT READ~!

I loved her too when I was a kid. I didn’t know that she passed this week. Thanks for sharing.

Ursula LeGuin is a great author I've ever seen. Respect to her. Also My Tribute to her. I'm big fan of Lord of the rings. Its best fictions story.


@donkeypong, I'm so sadness after heard Ursula LeGuin's death. But you gave real tribute to her. I don't think no end from death. She live with us every-time with her lovely quotes. By the end of The Lathe of Heaven, Le Guin has destroyed and remade the world several times over. It's a trippy roller coaster ride worthy of big budget science fiction. But she's also dosed the reader with a strong sense of calm, a deeper understanding of humanity, an aversion to smarmy authority figures who want to bend reality to their will, and a healthy respect for the power of dreams. I finally tell that, currently big disadvantage has without her life. "Ursula LeGuin"- Dear madam,,,, rest in peace. My tribute to you!!!!!

Simply, she is better in her area.10575-frase-la-capacidad-humana-de-amar-es-muy-variada-pero-el-amor-pasional-es-muy-sexual-ursula-k-le-guin.jpg

I was shocked when I read in the news of Ursula LeGuin’s death.

Not that her death is unexpected, after all, death is a debt we all owe, but her passing i realised was a big loss to the loss.

God rests her soul.

The way you wrote about her is really amazing. I'm going to add her books to my list of books to read before the middle of this year. From the testimonies of other renowned writers, she must have been a phenomenal writer. May her soul rest in peace. Thanks for sharing @donkeypong

May her soul find peace in the Lord's bossom. It is very interesting but have not read her book before, guess it is time to find one.

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Great tribute @donkeypong.

Great quotes.

Always sad when a writer passes on to the next world.

I adore this writer for being creative and brilliant mind. All of her movies are blockbusters like Lord of the Rings and Narnia that I watched. Thanks @donkeypong for sharing this and letting everyone knows who she is and her contributions on her field.