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I did this Psychic Fair as a Psychic Artist who does Spirit-Guided Drawings that I read, starting with the Oracle Deck as the focal point - and maybe a Sigil...

It was amazing! People who are a part of this bookstore community were genuinely tuned in.

The first one was a lady Laura, from S. Dakota who was in Denver for her husband's cancer treatments. She said she is becoming a witch. She looked the least like a witch of anyone - more like a housewife ... very sweet. I was surprised she was getting a reading... she did tell me she liked to do art so I told her to incorporate her art into here witchery practice... take intuitive art - which I do teach, but my teacher will be in Boulder in the spring as well, so I told her where and when for that. She can see Aura's and she told me that mine is a lovely warm Gold that goes into Blue Green and then into Purple - no one has ever told me that before and i have always been curious.

I have been able to see above my head, now and again, a web of yellow - but I don't know if it is my aura or what?

Theresa and Margaret - Wow...

Theresa went first... she reads Tarot Cards and was looking for confirmation that this is what she is supposed to pursue even though she knows her family won't approve. Of course it is! Anyone with a developed psychic gift right now needs to get out there and help others get in touch with their inner compass.

Every single one of us has psychic gifts!!!

If the majority of people were in touch with their inner Truth, their Heart, their Compassion - we would not be in the mess we are in, and it is the job of the people who ARE in touch to get out there and help, before humans go extinct, but not before they kill off all life on this planet first.


The thing that was amazing about this reading was that at some point during the drawing, Theresa told me that she asked her guides to show her a butterfly if she is supposed to start a family now... And there is the butterfly in the drawing...

Margaret, her friend - I don't have the picture of hers - but as it turned out - she is in school for Social Justice and at home she talks to her ancestors and her spirit guides all day long - but someone told her she has to shut that off when she is in court. Her mother shut off her Clairaudience and developed Munier's Disease... Margaret said she felt like something was missing - like she needed to feel like things were connected - so - obviously don't shut off your contact to your guides while you are in Court - and then also - protect yourself so that dark entities don't attach themselves to you... It was a picture of her, with a winged heart- which represents not only her calling but Archangel Michael - for her and that's who she is going to ask for help from for Protection, but she is now going to bring her guides into Court - so she can help all those victims to connect with God...YES!!!

The Crossroads
I talked to a gal who is a meth addict, who's mom bought her the reading - she was probably around 40-something, living with her mom, and trying to get clean - most certainly at a Crossroads...

I could tell that she is probably not done smoking meth - she was just on "pause" that day with her mom - I ended up doing a Sigil for her that was so she could find a relationship with God ... because she also pulled this card


It's pretty profound that she got these 2 cards - actually - She does have these 2 alternatives and she is being given pause to consider whether she wants to carry on down the road to death, or get on a spiritual path - one in which God is the leader of her life - and her emotions and earthly desires serve her Higher Self...

I prayed with her - that she be brought to a spiritual experience quickly - before she gets distracted from her desire to get clean ...

This woman, Susan, pulled this card - Self-Will - she was oblivious , had no idea what that card had to do with her

I just hope she does something with the information - but that's not my job - my job is just to deliver the message -

She works for the post office in Iowa. She came into town for some kind of Postal Conference - she's up her 17 yo daughter's butt about what she is going to do with her life -

I have 30 minutes to talk to these people to ascertain the situation - and I am drawing away and talking to her - the gist is that her husband left them when her daughter was a newborn - and she has always resented him - never dealt with the grief - now the daughter carries on the resentment toward Dad and has no relationship with him - Mom does not see her responsibility to her daughter to resolve her love issues nor does she even have a clue that she really has no relationship with her daughter - it seems good to her - the only thing that's not good is her daughter's bitterness toward her dad and her addiction to her phone... OMG!!! Still in the drawing I can see that whole left side of her body is constricted and it comes from her childhood - something Mom has no recollection of - and I have to say to her - There is a reason you chose a man who cheated on you and it's your responsibility to get to the bottom of that and explore your relationship with God and your emotions - that's part of raising a healthy child is that you have straightened out your side of the street - You are totally conventional and your daughter is not - you are using your Self-Will in your life - and you have belief in the false image of security in the Oracle Card - but your daughter is going to go a totally different way - and you are going to have to delve into the depths if you are going to be able to reach her...


Geoff - this kid has quite the life ahead of him - age 16 -
He pulled this card... of course he did - he's getting all kinds of messages from his dead mother and cousin in his dreams - just blowing them off...

he was sitting across from me because he just wanted to have a "good time" ... It was not a good time though - because it quickly became apparent that he has a spiritual gift - as a medium - he talks to dead people in his dreams - and his dad is a recovered alcoholic, his mom died in a wreck - that's her just above his head trying to communicate with him - he said he sees her at school a lot, standing in the classroom wrapped in gold light trying to talk to him... and he has tried drinking and he likes it -

I just told him to get it done - get through the drinking - get to the spiritual solution - and then he can live his gifts - but if he avoids his gifts - he will pay a very high price...

I know, because it has taken me until now to realize that this is my true calling and it has been a hard road. I went to this bookstore in 2017 to try to get in there and it has taken them 2 years to call me - I even went back and did readings for the owner recently - to no avail - but finally they called - and it was amazing - I was finally ready...

Yes my life IS going to get easier now that I know what I am supposed to be doing - but the path just got NARROWER. Spiritual Healing! Wow - I can afford NO Negative Words - NO negative thoughts - I must meditate every day and should up my practice to morning and night. Things I have not wanted to do - like Reiki - I now MUST do - it's not about what I want to do - if I am a Spiritual Healer - I have to make myself available in every way possible... because the Earth needs me - As an individual I can't do a whole heck of a lot to directly stop the destruction of The Mother, but I can Live My Gifts which will contribute to the Heart Opening of the people perpetrating the acts of violence against the Earth and Her Creatures.

So to give my 16 year old friend the news - Well - that's what his Higher Self must have wanted for him today... but he didn't really look like he was having that Good Time -


I did this Sigil for a 17 yo girl who's mom is putting the pressure on her for "What Does She Want To Do With Her Life?" - Poor conventional parents - trying to smash their Free Spirited children into the Square holes they are not going to fit into...She's a dancer and she pulled this card:

Mother Earth

Basically, I told her activate the Sigil and then if something comes up that has to do with Environmentalism - it might be something worth exploring...I didn't have the heart to pound home the message about The Mother dying and she pulled this card for a reason!!

The Sigil says "I intuitively know what I am supposed to do with my life" - and from now on, she needs to tell Mom that it's handled and not talk about it with her- just affirm that it's being taken care of...

This little girl had such a sweet spirit - I was able to talk to her about Meditation - that she can find the zone that she finds from Dance, with meditation and then she can access that to help her make all her decisions - then she won't have to be pushed and pulled by someone who is using their limited Left Brain to try to get her to figure out her life - instead she can go into the meditation zone and pray for the answer and the answer will come to her - and so I made her that Sigil - I suspect she will end up in some field that has to do with the Mother - otherwise, why would she have gotten the card? It was rather disconcerting that she had absolutely NO INTEREST whatsoever in the earth - but not really surprising since the Indoctrination Camps we send our kids to are completely and totally gearing them toward SELF rather than OTHER - but I suspect something will cross her path that has to do with saving the earth and that's what she will pursue...


This one was for a lady who is also a healer - she has done a million classes and she is teaching or thing at a psychic fair at the Merchandise Mart - very expensive to enter - her Fiance is also a Shaman - wow - what I would not give for that - but she does not work on herself - like she does not Meditate! so that was my hook - to get her to meditate -

She talked to me like I totally understood what she was doing - which I did not. I even have a slight problem with white people (which I am one) taking classes that make them a Shaman - I love shamanism - but I am not a shaman - as much as I would like to be - because becoming a shaman is passed down or selected by the tribe - it's not something I can just go take a class in and become - I was judging her - and I had to pray to God to refocus me - and be present for her - even though it did seem like she was competing with me - and knew so much more than me, yadda yadda...

At least, I made my practice regular for the last month leading up to the Fair - and it's good - Now I just have to double it....

This woman Shiela had a profound experience. I ended up doing this Psychic Drawing AND Sigil for her in what was supposed to be a 15 minute slot - she was very angry and deeply sad - because the man she thought she was going to marry - married someone else.

She pulled this card - Openness...

It was clear she had not grieved about her romance. Originally I suggested that I give her this Sigil - and we came up with it together - but when she found out there was work she had to do to activate it- she didn't want it and this is because she is in school for her MBA and is sick of homework...

  • she just wanted me to tell her what to do or something... - she got angry at me and so I started out to do the Intuitive Drawing - but either way - there was going to be work to be done because she was still going to have pray and meditate - then she told me about her Love - and I had to be honest - and tell her - you have not grieved - you rationally know that you have to let it go - but your heart is broken as is evidenced by the Sigil as a heart - you have to grieve before you can be open to new things... all these new things you want are not going to be able to get in until you have made a space for the end I was able to tell her that once she is in the Flow with God - all that seems hard now, will just be taken care - and or she will just get more energy to do it and it won't seem like drudgery. That is my experience.

Then she and I prayed together and she started to cry. Thank you God! She got something out of it...

Very Intense...

Yesterday, a guy stopped by my desk - who spoke very broken English - he did not understand paying - and I just ended up talking candidly with him for free - he pulled this card:
He was totally burdened with fear - he reads the Bible and loves God but he just isn't bringing the practice into his daily life - he has all this fear of what his co-workers think of him and all kind of crazy stuff emanating from a fear based life so I was able to freely talk to him about how God is his employer and how he has to work on developing his faith - through Meditation and Prayer - and looking for the answer to prayer - not just praying and going on about business as usual but also looking for the answer to prayer - then we prayed together - and I am so glad I did not have to charge him for that - because that is what I do for FREE anyway because that is what was freely given to me...

I did so many more than this - honestly - I did altogether about 20 drawings and 10 sigils in the last 2 days, but I forgot to photograph most of them.

I am wiped out.

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