Gene Codes: Reflections on Human Nature - Page 9


Adaptive Aggressives: The Facilitators

You can call them opportunists. They are. But you can also say that Adaptive Aggressives are resourceful, socially aware people with a keen sense of where their interests lie. They are goal-oriented, long-term planners who are drawn to people they believe have the power or capacity to help them reach their goals. Bottom line, they are survivors. As professionals, they may be top-management advisors, lawyers, sales and marketing people, actors and actresses, office managers, or lieutenants in the military.

These are what I describe as human chameleons! I have a love/hate relationship with these people, and have dealt with them on many levels my entire life. They are fun to hang out with, but can also become the most difficult to tolerate. The have an incredible energy and drive. They are very manipulative, and if they feel that you can be valuable to them, they will morph into you, and accept any compromise to get near you and benefit from having you in their lives. This natural ability is what allows them to get ahead in life. Throughout history, it has been this group that has always assisted Dynamic Aggressives in their rise to power. Adaptive Aggressive are charmers, but lack charisma and vision, so they latch onto those who have influence, and help them by facilitating the execution of the plans, schemes and projects that will help them feel more powerful and successful.


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